iKONICs rejoice as previews from Fansite Masters confirmed the good news that Song Yunhyeong has safely returned to us from the wilds of Fiji, New Zealand!

Yunhyeong left for New Zealand 5 days ago on August 21st to embark on his debut solo Variety appearance as part of the cast of SBS’ Law of the Jungle!

His activities have been a mystery since then but as iKON (minus Bobby who flew in from LA) who are scheduled to perform at A Nation today, left South Korea for Japan without him yesterday, fans wondered if they would have to perform without their high note specialist.

Fans were profoundly relieved when he finally showed up at Hanada Airport looking a little tired and slimmer but safe and sound!

(Cr: Brilliant Moment)

We do hope he will get a chance to rest a little before climbing A Nation’s famous stage later today.

Thank you to the hardworking and passionate Fansite Masters that captured his return for us.

Welcome Back, Yoyo!


iKON fan art, breathtakingly beautiful


Do I have a treat for you guys! This time our fan art series has an honor to introduce Yokogamasy, the author of some of the most emotionally charged fan art out there. I remember when I saw her fan art for the first time; it literally took my breath away. After that I saw she had a collaboration with a favorite fan fiction writer of mine in the plans and I just had to get my hands on it. Let me just say this, if you are a DoubleB shipper you need their comic book “Ghost Inhale” in your life. She manages to capture the feel and atmosphere of iKON boys to such perfection that you feel like you are privy to a private moment between them.

How did you become an iKONIC?

I became iKONIC while I was painting “Ghost Inhale” comic; I became attached to these guys a lot and began to follow their activities.

Oh, wow! That is different. Usually fangirling comes first than the art, but for you it was the other way around. Now that you are a fan what is your favourite iKON song or a moment?

All of their songs are so nice and my most favourite is B-Day. This song cheers up me a lot.

How did you become an iKON fanartist?

During my work with fan fiction writer ZombieCheeze I found a great muse, ZombieCheeze! She really loves iKON and arts and always gives huge support to all my iKON artwork. And of course all of the guys are very beautiful and aesthetic so it’s a pleasure for me to paint them.


ZombieCheeze’s fanfiction is amazing and I can easily see how her writing could get someone interested in iKON.  I can say the same for your art. It is very engaging and sensual. Is art something you do just as a hobby or are you a professional artist?

Well….I’m a professional artist. I paint almost all the time.

What inspires your fanart? Is there a particular member, ship or a theme you love to draw?

Yunhyeong, beautiful art and ZombieCheeze. Yeah, i really love to paint Yunhyeong! I find him so interesting to paint. Also I love all iKON ships as a theme.

Yunhyeong is a beautiful subject that is for sure, and you managed to capture his essence. To produce such an amazing art what is your favourite technique/medium to work in?

I prefer digital painting. It’s most comfortable for my realistic art style.

You get a lot of reaction and feedback for your work from other fans. Was there anything someone said that stayed with you as special?

I think no. Mainly, fans being grateful that I share my artwork.

Is there any particular illustration or comic you drew that is special to you and that you would like to share with us? Tell us why is it special?


Yes. This Yunhyeong art is special to me. After painting this I finally found the way and theme that I wanted to paint the most.

Was your art ever used without your permission or plagiarised? How do you prevent things like that from happening?

Yes, usually it is just stealing and posting without credits, than I or Zombiecheeze ask them to remove post or put credits.

I especially enjoyed your collaboration with fanfiction writer ZombieCheese on “Ghost Inhale” comic book. Your artwork there managed to convey feelings so well I felt like a voyeur reading it. It felt as if I was spying on an intimate conversation between two people. I loved it. Tell me, how did your collaboration come about?

For me this is the greatest praise! Thank you! Before I did some commissions for ZombieCheeze and during a conversation with her I mentioned that I want to paint a comic somehow and she said that she wants to see her story as comic somehow too. So we chose ‘Ghost Inhale’ for start.


Was it difficult working in a comic book format?

Yeah, it was a little difficult because it was my first comic making experience and I simplified my art style just a little so it took less time.

I saw you are planning to do another project. Is this something you two might consider doing on a regular basis? Please say yes.

Yes, we’re working on this project now. Hehe, it is going to be perfect! We have some further project plans but I’m not sure what will happen in future.

Have you ever thought of making fan merchandise using your art or publishing it? And if you did, tell us where we can get our hands on it.

Yes, I thought about it but I still don’t understand how to make it right.

This was the amazing Yokogamasy. I would tell you guys to purchase the “Ghost Inhale” but I believe it is sold out, but DM @zombiecheeze if interested; maybe there are some copies left. Trust me it is worth an effort to get your hands on it. Stay alert for the second project to come from the amazing tandem of ZombieCheese and Yokogamasy by following her on twitter @yokogamasy.

And now enjoy more of her amazing art.



Yunhyeong’s Visuals Praised Unanimously by Media after Airport Appearance

(Image cr: @ARDOR_28)

Song Yunhyeong, iKON’s high note specialist also known as iKON’s official visual was praised highly on various media platform for his flower boy good looks upon arrival at Incheon Airport yesterday Sunday, August 20th, to join the cast of Law of the Jungle for their flight to Fiji.

Yunhyeong arrived at the Airport carrying a structured back pack over a long blue weather proof jacket under which he wore a tshirt under a jumper and shorts. The look was finished off with a black and white, acid wash fanny pack slung casually over his chest. In this look iKON’s “Plan Man” seemed indeed effortlessly ready for an outdoor adventure!

The media seemed as bowled over by the young idol’s striking visuals as fans as headlines featuring Song Yunhyeong’s arrival popped up!


http://m.chosun.com/svc/article.html?sname=news&contid=2017082000924 https://twitter.com/liveennews/status/899187727580540928


The Headlines were relentlessly flattering

Cr: @shy_bae twitter

Fansites not just for Yunhyeong but also other iKON members showed up to see him off and would also capture as Yunhyeong later showed that his beauty is not only skin deep with his well mannered gestures and thoughtful conduct while at the airport.

The media and fans were definitely on the same page on this one! iKONICs are proud of Song Yunhyeong and wish him all the best in Fiji!

Koo Junhoe and Song Yunhyeong taste their first Variety Solos!

(featured image cr: @sbsyoungstreet instagram)

iKONICS the world over are celebrating the recent Variety Solo debuts of two iKON members, Koo Junhoe aka June and Song Yunhyeong aka Yoyo!


(cr: YunJun Thread One Hallyu)

Koo Junhoe who is one of iKON’s maknae members is known for his “noise pollution” which is his ability to sing very loudly no matter where he is! His appearance on SBS Fantastic Duo 2 on Sunday, Aug 6th was his first ever solo variety appearance but you wouldn’t have guessed it from how happy and comfortable he seemed!

June is known to have expressed on more than one occasion how much he has always wanted an opportunity like this so we can all relate to his happiness 🙂


(cr: v-ii tumblr)

Fans are more excited for his appearance this Sunday, Aug 13th because it will finally be his turn to compete! SBS Fantastic Duo 2 released the following Teaser escalating anticipation for Koo Junhoe’s unique and powerful husky tones and the added bonus of seeing his signature Micheal Jackson moves!


(cr: @iKOFF_ twitter)




Yunhyeong’s Law of the Jungle casting came even more as a shock for fans as he is one of the iKON members with the fewest variety appearances.

It was announced today that the iKON member affectionately known also as “Song Chef” due to his cooking show on VApp and being the Dorm Cook, would officially be joining the new season of “Law of the Jungle” starting mid-August for the season which will be broadcast in September.

Fans have expressed their wishes for him to stay safe and healthy and are cheering him on strongly!



(source: @KONNECTED_ twitter)

It’s a very exciting time for iKONICs and we can’t help but hope to see more solo debuts in variety, drama and especially music for the lively and talented New Kids of iKON!