[ENG SUB] #iKON on Lee Suhyun’s Volume Up radio

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Watch iKON on Lee Suhyun’s radio show Volume Up, on August 9th, 2018, and hear them share funny stories of each other and prepare to laugh throughout the episode! 


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Bobby Impresses Listeners with his Sincerity on MBC Radio Star + Eng Subs link

iKON has been in and out of radio shows since the release of their new full album ‘Return’. This time it was Bobby’s turn, to guest on MBC Radio Star on Wednesday 21st, at 11:10PM KST.

Bobby talked about a variety of issues (while dodging some bullets, too) including the music he wishes to make, dating and his ideal type, and his current hobbies. He also sang part of the song ‘For You’ by ‘Yim Jaebeom’.

Bobby was warm, forthright, sincere and disarmingly honest even when questions asked were especially difficult. iKONICs felt pride for how well he handled himself and even non-fans remarked on his good attitude. You can read the reaction of a non-iKONIC on the thread below.

Bobby also trended #4 on Naver an hour after the show started.

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You can watch some official videos of MBC Radio Star on this Naver playlist.

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Check out the Radio Star episode with Bobby with Eng Subs here!