iKON releases the second lyric narration teaser featuring Hanbin and June

iKON released  their second lyric narration video for their title song Goodbye Road. Video features Hanbin and June reciting lyrics at what looks an abandoned industrial dock or a shipyard. Video can be viewed on iKON’s YouTube account (English subtitles are not yet available).

However you can enjoy  lyrics translation provided by iKONICS.


June smolders in his individual teaser

We got our second stunning individual teaser and it is of June smoldering for the camera looking stunning.

I for one cannot wait to see photos of others too. What a great way to start Sunday morning!

iKON TV ends with a gift fan song


Yesterday,  iKON TV season 1 (forgive the optimistic writer I am just putting this out there) ended with ep. 11 directed by iKON’s June.

To commemorate the ending of iKON TV members went on a bonding trip all dressed as June doing things June could never do due to his fear of water and high places,  like race on water obstacles, ride on a super fast water float and even bungee jump. In the end June got to experience things through his fellow members and we got supremely entertained once again.

ikon tv2


But in the end, what brought tears to eyes of a many iKONICs was not the ending of iKON TV but a beautiful gift of a fan song “Give it to you” composed by Hanbin and sang by all 7 members.

Here is the fan song subbed by KiST members so you can fully enjoy the touching, heartfelt lyrics.


Thank you iKON for giving us 11 Saturdays of fun and laughter!

iKON members filming for iKON TV?

Today  iKON members were spotted filming in various parts of Korea.

Bobby and Donghyuk were seen filming in Seoul in Jinhwan’s sister’s cafe Platte.


June and Jinhwan are filming in Busan .


We can only guess that Hanbin, Yunhyeong and Chanwoo are out there filming as well.

Is it for iKON TV? We certainly hope so.

iKON breaks 100 hourly Perfect All Kills for Love Scenario!



At 3PM KST on February 17th, history was made for iKON when they reached their 100th hourly Perfect All Kill for their title track, ‘Love Scenario’.

‘Love Scenario”s success continues to skyrocket, even from a brief lapse in chart figures over the last few days. It seems that ‘Love Scenario’ just can’t stop taking the world by storm.

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iKON takes over Instagram

Today, after the Music Core performance iKONICS were treated to a surprise to beat all surprises.

All iKON members opened public Instagram accounts at the same time and proceeded to bomb the Instagram with photos, videos and comments trying very hard to make up for the last two years of radio silence.

iKONICS used to scarce and slow updates were completely shocked and overwhelmed with the sudden influx of content.

Not even a day after opening their accounts all the members have over 200 000 followers.

Here are all of their accounts so you can follow them if you haven’t already but be warned June will blow up your notifications.

Donghyuk  – _dong_ii

Bobby – bobbyindaeyo

Hanbin – shxxbi131

Jinhwan – gnani_____

June – juneeeeeeya
Yunhyeong –sssong_yh
Chanwoo – chan_w000


iKON: RETURN Jinhwan and Junhwe teasers are out

We got a lot of new things in a very short span of time. Let’s get right into it.


The first thing I noticed, apart from Jinhwan’s gorgeous face, was his voice. It’s an amazing voice, we know this, but there was something new about it. It sounded fuller, even smoother than usual and the falsetto was flawless. Hanbin truly wasn’t kidding when he said they all improved, and Junhwe was not the exception, keep scrolling to see Junhwe’s teasers!

As always, don’t forget to check out all the official videos, like, comment, share and stream.


Instagram – withikonic

Instagram – fromyg

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Junhwe was stunning and truly refreshing. As a power vocal, he takes care of the impact, the shock along with his characteristic roughness, but this time his voice was mixed with something else. It had the deep tones he’s so known in iKON for, but instead of roughness he sounded silky smooth and relaxed. So far we’ve only seen two member teasers, but I’m pretty sure the change in his singing in this album will be the particularly interesting.


Instagram – withikonic

Instagram – fromyg

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iKON FAN ART – Thalia, a fan artist with a slight Junhwan obsession

ikon meeu

More glorious fan art coming your way and this time the wonderful artist is versatile Thalia @H0EBABY! Thalia can go from adorable chibi illustrations to breathtakingly beautiful realistic work. But best thing would be to let Thalia tell you about herself.

First things first. How did you become an iKONIC?

I knew Bobby and B.I from SMTM, yeah I’m a big fan of K-hiphop back then. And it was months before iKON debut and I wasn’t into Kpop. One of my friends showed me a funny clip from Mix & Match (she said they were funny and that I’m going to like them) and she was right, I couldn’t stop watching it. They were so hilarious and it made me want to watch them more and more. That is the first time iKON hooked me. And it continued until now haha. They are hilarious.

I couldn’t agree more, they are a funny lot. Do you have a favorite iKON song or a moment?

For songs, absolutely Climax and Long Time No See, because both have deep meaning. I cried a lot during iKONCERT when they were performing these songs. For Climax, okay who doesn’t love and get emotional when it comes to Climax? No one I bet lol. For Long Time No See, I fell for the lyrics. It feels like they were thanking us for waiting. Even though they were gone for a long time, they promised us that they’re coming back so we don’t need to worry. It’s my healing song every time I feel down, every time I miss the boys.

Other than Climax and LTNS, it’s Friends (they sang it on The Remix), I don’t know why but I just love it so much. The remix between Friends and Canon is gooooodd! Also they infused classical music into dance.

I loved the Remix and “Friends” performance was meaningful in so many ways, as it represented iKON and their relationship so well. So, tell us how did you become an iKON fan artist?

I drew iKON a lot but I didn’t call myself “iKON fan artist” back then because I did it for my college assignment only (used iKON as my inspiration lol). Months before iKONCERT, I was wondering what to give for freebies on the D-Day (the iKONCERT), and I decided to try making chibi sticker (first time lol) and yeah it was the start. I enjoy drawing iKON and I think it became a habit now haha.


Is art something you do just as a hobby or are you a professional artist?

It wasn’t my hobby and I’m not a professional artist either. Since I’m majoring in art and design (and I couldn’t draw and got no sense in art), my college forced me to lol. But it’s kind of a hobby now.

jinhwan realism 2

Yeah, I think you can no longer say that you cannot draw. What inspires your fan art?

iKON? Yeah I think they’re my one and only inspiration since I began to love drawing because of them. (I didn’t enjoy drawing back then, hated it a lot lol). And my fan art comes mostly from the real things they did.

junhwan v app

Is there a particular member, ship or a theme you love to draw?

I draw all iKON members but since I’m a Junhwan shipper/trash I draw Junhwan the most. They’re both cute ;-;

junhwan cultwo

What is your favourite technique/medium to work in?

Mine is digital. Since I suck at doing manual, so let me just do digital haha. I usually use Adobe Photoshop and SAI to draw (both realism and chibi). Maybe I’ll start learning manual soon haha.

june realism 2

You get a lot of reaction and feedback for your work from other fans. Was there anything someone said that stayed with you as special?

When they said that they love my art so much and or using it as his wallpaper and else. Oh I’ve done a prank once (it was during April Mop) that I’m going to stop drawing and close my account. And the feedbacks were sweet (why people are so sweet, I’m weak ;-;). They gave me motivation to keep drawing ;-; I love y’all.

And fan art helps me make new friends! With the same hobby (drawing iKON) I met lots of cool fan artist out there.

I think everyone loves fan art and fan artist, I never saw anything negative ever said under a fan art post.

Yesss! It’s because iKONICS are sweet, aren’t they?! The sweetest fam I’ve ever met!

We love you too! Is there any particular illustration or comic you drew that is special to you and that you would like to share with us? Tell us why is it special?


Ok this is a collab art but this is the special one for me. It’s the first time (some of) Indonesian iKON fan artists collaborated together (I drew Hanbin). Glad to know that iKON has many talented and lovely fan artists!

That is amazing! You guys are like a cool clique. Was your art ever used without your permission or plagiarized? How do you prevent things like that from happening?

Yes. They were selling my art without permission. I asked them to take it down and they did (gladly).

Your art has reached iKON members or people close to them, thus giving you the satisfaction of reaching your idol in a way most of fans can only dream off. How did that make you feel?

without hwangssabu


I (once) drew Junhwan doing jiujitsu and tagged Hwangssabu-nim on Instagram. I don’t expect any respond from him but he did comment on my drawing “where is me?” lol. So I made another fan art including him on it. He liked my drawing and used it as his display picture. It was so unreal for me and of course I was excited. Few days after he noticed my drawing withikonic (Junhwan) posted a selca with Hwangssabu-nim in their jiujitsu outfit. I draw it once again (well since I’m Junhwan shipper, i always draw anything related Junhwan), tagged Hwangssabu-nim again. And he did repost it and used it as his DP once again. It was (once again) unreal, It’s the most amazing feel I’ve ever felt and I feel thankful to him.

with hwangssabu

You have a fan in Hwangssabu for sure. Have you ever thought of making fan merchandise using your art or publishing it? And if you did, tell us where we can get our hands on it.

I sold many things lol. The first one is notebook. Actually I made the notebook for my personal use only but people were asking how to buy it so, yep it was the start from me (selling lots of stuff lol). I sold key chain before (attached the photo), and going to release one soon. Here’s the preview (attached the photo). Please wait for it, I’m going to release it soon on my twitter @H0EBABY or simply click bit.ly/h0ebaby (shameless promotion lol)

going to sell this soonkeychain

That was Thalia, one with a direct link to Hwangssabu’s fan art loving heart. There is still more to come to quote the immortal worlds of Bobby “It ain’t over yet!”. Now enjoy more of Thalia’s fan art.

orangejunejinhwan realismjune realism 3june realismhwanpotter

Koo Junhoe and Song Yunhyeong taste their first Variety Solos!

(featured image cr: @sbsyoungstreet instagram)

iKONICS the world over are celebrating the recent Variety Solo debuts of two iKON members, Koo Junhoe aka June and Song Yunhyeong aka Yoyo!


(cr: YunJun Thread One Hallyu)

Koo Junhoe who is one of iKON’s maknae members is known for his “noise pollution” which is his ability to sing very loudly no matter where he is! His appearance on SBS Fantastic Duo 2 on Sunday, Aug 6th was his first ever solo variety appearance but you wouldn’t have guessed it from how happy and comfortable he seemed!

June is known to have expressed on more than one occasion how much he has always wanted an opportunity like this so we can all relate to his happiness 🙂


(cr: v-ii tumblr)

Fans are more excited for his appearance this Sunday, Aug 13th because it will finally be his turn to compete! SBS Fantastic Duo 2 released the following Teaser escalating anticipation for Koo Junhoe’s unique and powerful husky tones and the added bonus of seeing his signature Micheal Jackson moves!


(cr: @iKOFF_ twitter)




Yunhyeong’s Law of the Jungle casting came even more as a shock for fans as he is one of the iKON members with the fewest variety appearances.

It was announced today that the iKON member affectionately known also as “Song Chef” due to his cooking show on VApp and being the Dorm Cook, would officially be joining the new season of “Law of the Jungle” starting mid-August for the season which will be broadcast in September.

Fans have expressed their wishes for him to stay safe and healthy and are cheering him on strongly!



(source: @KONNECTED_ twitter)

It’s a very exciting time for iKONICs and we can’t help but hope to see more solo debuts in variety, drama and especially music for the lively and talented New Kids of iKON!