YGE just dropped the video teaser for Bobby’s Love and Fall Album and we are having conniptions!

It’s bright, Bobby’s cute but he’s also hot?? He’s vocalizing but he doesn’t say much but also we’re nominating him for a Grammy? 

He jumped in a pool and came out dry!! Kim Bobby can do all things!

Sorry but we’re too emotional to be coherent! This is really happening! There are tears on the keyboard!!!!

Here’s the link, you tell us what you think:


Are You Ready to Run Away with Bobby?

Cr: YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment released the posters for Kim Bobby’s 2nd title track, “Runaway” and it hit us right in the feels!

Two days ago YGE dropped the teaser posters for the 1st title track from Bobby’s 1st Solo Album, “Love and Fall.” At that time iKONICs and the Kpop community in general were taken by surprise by the teaser’s soft imagery and the title of the song, “I Love You.”

Today’s posters shows imagery of Bobby on a beach with ruffled hair and casual clothes, his face in sharp profile against a moody sky. They are probably some of the most aesthetically pleasing posters YGE has ever released in relation to iKON and iKONICs are thrilled!

Cr: YG Entertainment

Even more importantly, this second teaser along with the first one and the album name are further indications that we are going to be seeing a more personal and emotional side of Bobby, whose real name is Jiwon, in this album.

Before now Bobby has been strongly associated with his fierce and charismatic stage presence, incredible performance energy and high tension, hard hitting rap style. 

True Bobby fans, however, have always been aware that the rapper fondly known as a Bunny within the fandom is as squishy inside as his beloved Winnie the Pooh bear!

Kim Bobby Jiwon is actually a talented and incredibly versatile rapper as well as a vocalist with an addictive vocal color and a player of multiple instruments. Though he is known more for his fiercer raps, his more emotional bars have given us some of his most unforgettable work.

Below are some threads worth exploring to find out more about Bobby’s Rap:

Cr: @reaIbobby

Cr: @bbking5

Cr: @ikonphile


We are on D7 of the countdown to the release of “Love and Fall.” Don’t forget to participate in a Bobby Project!!

You can join the Countdown project with @kontatoesgc here:

Let’s look forward to a glimpse into the heart of our Jiwonnie.

BobDong’s Surprise Heart Fluttering V Live!

Cr: SBS Inkigayo

Today, Kim Bobby and Kim Donghyuk surprised iKONICs with an unannounced VApp Live Session from Japan where they are currently preparing for their Concert Tour!

Cr: @hyunbyns

Bobby and Donghyuk otherwise known as BobDong have always been a classic combination when it comes to V-Lives! They are famous for their lively and brotherly chemistry and this VApp session did not disappoint in those qualities.

Teasing Each other: Check

Praising Each other: Check

Impromptu Wrestling: Check

Drop Broadcasting Phone at some point due to Wrestling or Laughing: Check

Today’s Episode was extra special because it was an opportunity for Bobby to give some insight on his soon to be released first solo album, “Love and Fall.”

Cr: @hyunbyns

Cr: @hyunbyns

Bobby spoke of the Song “I Love You” and also gave heart fluttering lyric spoilers.

Cr: @mickeyhanbinee

Cr: @jinhwansatan

Cr: @ikonstype

He also asked fans not to anticipate for the album too much but then got scolded by everyone XD

Cr: @bobbypits

When Bobby left the session for a moment, Donghyuk took the opportunty to speak glowingly of his hyung’s work.

Cr: @hyunbyns

Other highlights of the the VLive include:

Cr: @hyunbyns

Cr: @hyunbyns

And the best for last!!!!

Cr: @ikinghanbin

The V Live session racked up 80k+ views and 2 Million+ hearts. It ranked well for viewership!

Cr: @jinani_

Bobby’s Album, “Love and Fall” will be dropping on the 14th of September with the Title Track, “I Love You.”  iKONICs are currently preparing with great excitement by streaming his solo single, “Holup,” so don’t forget to participate!

iKONICs are also preparing diligently for iKON’s 2nd Anniversary which falls the day after Bobby’s album drops and for a possible iKON comeback in the year’s last quarter.

As iKONICs prepare for these events, iKON is currently in Japan preparing for their 22 Venue Concert Tour which kicks off on September 9th.


iKON fan art, the gorgeously sensual


This time we have a Japanese iKONIC and a Donghyuk stan @IKCO1D. She draws some of the most sensual and downright sexy fan art of IKON that is at the same time completely children appropriate. That is a rare talent indeed. She also has quite a unique story of how she became an iKONIC. Curious? Read on.

How did you become an iKONIC?

The reason how I got to know about “iKON” was through “Mix and Match”. Actually, my mom (she was a fan of Big Bang) recommended the TV program. I didn’t know much about K-POP then, so at first I didn’t have a lot of interests in it. But my mom didn’t give up lol. She bulldozed me into watching it! Oh, I should tell you guys why I was not interested in K-pop then. I actually was biased against K-pop idols. I mean I thought that there’s too much of a gap between how they really feel and the facade they put out. I felt that they only showed us  a “fake” image  you know. Also I thought only teenagers were allowed to be their fans ha-ha-ha. Now I know they’re not true and I had big misunderstanding about them. As you know, they have all kinds of emotions and show us everything about them. They have love and respect for their songs and performances and always have a dream. It’s really attractive! (Maybe Japanese idols are not). That’s how I got hooked on “iKON”.

Basically you became an iKONIC because your mom told you so! LOL!! Good job your mom. Tell me, what is your favorite iKON song or a moment?

Oh…It’s so hard for me to choose one!!! I like “LOVE ME” “JUST GO” and all of the songs on their new album “NEW KIDS”. “Mercy” and “Eyes, Nose, Lips” that they sang in “Mix and Match” were awesome! I felt a personal attachment to these performances in the show. That’s because I could see  how  attractive they were from watching the show. “Mercy”…I got to know what a beautiful voice Junhoe has! “Eyes, Nose, Lips”… Oh! God! That performance just killed me!! Especially DK! I got hooked on his voice! And that was one of the reasons why I became “iKONIC”. I love DK because he is honest and pure. Especially I like his face from the side! It’s like a work of art!

How did you become an iKON fan artist? 

Thanks for asking me this question! When I watched “Mix and Match”, I thought “Wow I want to draw them!” just like that! I got motivation from JAY! His beautiful nose! So my first fan art was JAY’s face from the side. At first, I just enjoyed my drawings for self- gratification. But day by day I couldn’t progress with my drawings ( I just thought they were not good) and I started to think “I want to improve my art skills”. Then one idea came up! Yes! I decided to show everyone my drawings and I made my twitter account. I think that “RT” and “Like” is kind of a reaction from people. And also these reactions and feedback can be like carrot and stick approach for me.

Is art something you do just as a hobby or are you a professional artist?

Oh! It’s just a hobby! Definitely hobby! Lol. I went to art school when I was a teenager. But I didn’t get any skills there. It’s like a bad chance to give up on being an artist. However, to work as an artist is kind of my dream but I think I don’t have enough skills to be one yet. I’ll keep trying to improve my skills.

What inspires your fan art?

From their variety of expression, costumes and hair styles! Also women fashion models and actresses! They have good posing expression and know clothes, loveliness. I like the atmosphere that they make. Reading fashion magazines makes me to draw something.


Yes, I can see fashion as inspiration in some of your art! I love how you incorporated it but still retained the feel of iKON. Is there a particular member, ship or a theme you love to draw? 

As I told you, I’m really into DK, so naturally I draw him a lot!I like all of the members. But my love to DK is soooooo strong! And I like BOBBY and SONG (95’s members) so these 3 members are frequent models for my art. What I always try to express is to be conscience of their “sexiness”. I think it’s my policy for drawing.

I can tell you that you are really, really good at expressing their “sexiness”! Your art really captured my attention because it is so viscerally sensual. Now, to get somewhat technical; what is your favorite technique/medium to work in? 

I like the to use digital  medium (PC) but to look as if I drew it using pencils, or like a watercolor painting or an oil painting. I love the atmosphere of analog art. Equipment that I use most are “CLIP STUDIO” and pen tablet (WACOM). I prefer to arrange my drawings using camera applications than using paint softs. I use them for finishing processing. Actually sometimes it degrades the image quality but If I don’t print the drawings it’s OK. To be honest I wanted to keep it as a secret ha-ha-ha. That’s the very important work.

Thank you for sharing your craft secrets with us.  You get a lot of reaction and feedback for your work from other fans. Was there anything someone said that stayed with you as special? 

Yes! To see other iKONICS enjoying and liking my drawings is the one of the reasons why I draw. I really am grateful to people who send me comments because to write comments takes a lot of time I think. They spend their time on me. It’s so awesome.

One iKONIC sent me such an awesome comment→“Your drawings are not kind of graphic but I can feel their (models) breathing. It seems like the models in your drawings are going to blink in the next moment so I can’t take my eyes away from them.”

I was really happy to get this comment.

Also I feel happy when people to do something using my drawings such as standby screen or put my art on the wall in their rooms.

Is there any particular illustration or comic you drew that is special to you and that you would like to share with us? Tell us why is it special?

Basically, There are no favorite drawings.
I really like my drawings the next day after I drew them but in a week, I feel an impulse to delete them. To draw one picture, there is no goal. It depends on the artist to finish it. May be I am a person who is not careful enough.
When I come right down to it, I like the illustration that I drew SONG and DK two together in Japan tour costumes. I didn’t get a lot of feedback but I like it because
I always draw emotionless faces so it’s very flesh to me to draw their smiling faces and I take pride in expressing their “sweet and gentle” atmosphere.
The drawing that spent most of my time on  in recent days is BOBBY and SONG in a fan sign event.


I especially like how you draw Bobby. It is not only that it looks like him but it feels like him when I look at your art. Is there a particular feeling you are trying to get across when drawing?

Woah! Thank you so much!!!!! I’m so happy to get such a nice comment!Without modesty, I’m good at drawing BOBBY lol. When I draw the other members, I draw a rough sketches again and again and change their expression. I do not need time for the work drawing BOBBY. I use the first rough sketch that I draw with my feelings and image in my head. So it takes only one third of the time. I don’t know there are some reasons but my habit (the way of drawing) blends well with his atmosphere. I just feel strong sexiness from his expression. For that reason I want to draw him so bad.



This illustration of Yoyo and Bobby is amazing! It is both sexy and soft, really beautiful. Was your art ever used without your permission or plagiarized? How do you prevent things like that from happening.

Ah…without my permission……Yes a lot.

But fortunately as far as I know they didn’t use my drawings  for their business or plagiarized them . That’s why I don’t take any measures. I always put my twitter account on my drawings at all expense.

I think that when they repost my drawings this means that they like my arts. I’m happy to get their request but about 90% of people won’t do it. I’m so sad. I want them to contact me in a friendly manner.

Have you ever thought of making fan merchandise using your art or publishing it? And if you did, tell us where we can get our hands on it.

I designed SONG and DK dolls. It is pre-release but we are planning to sell them overseas. Please check this twitter account →@aiKONbaby7

I also give postcards or stickers using my art for free at Japan tour.

You can get more information about it from my twitter →@IKCO1D

I’m looking forward to seeing you guys in Japan!

You guys read it!  You lucky ones that get to see iKON on their  Dome Tour in Japan look for @IKCO1D and let her know how much you like her art. Now enjoy more of it!





Bling Bling brought a talented fan to the iKON yard

We are branching out people. This time on iKON fan art we have a lovely new iKONIC and fan artist @namekyu0726 from China. Her art ranges from gorgeous realistic paintings to most adorable chibi art. But we shall let @namekyu0726 and her art speak for themselves. 1

How did you become an iKONIC?

Bling Bling is such a good song, and B-DAY makes me feel happy. iKON’s music style is my type! So i searched for iKON videos, such as their concerts, DVD, M&M. In the end, I fell for BOBBY who is my type!!!! I think I fell in love with iKON. And I love Double-B getting along with someone. So I become an iKONIC.


Everyone falls in love with Bobby at least a little bit; he is a huge stan attractor. Tell me; what is your favorite iKON song or a moment?

Bling Bling & B-day are my favorite songs, because through these songs I got to know iKON. I love boys love them, I really like Double-B having fun with each other.kkkkkkkkkkkk  But I know they are best friends. kkkkkkkkk

When news report good news about them, I feel so happy!!I am proud of iKON.


A new fan and such a talented one, I am so happy you joined our fandom. How did you become an iKON fan artist?

I am majoring in painting, because I like iKON I wanted to draw their life by my hand.


And you are doing such a great job. Is art something you do just as a hobby or are you a professional artist?

Since I was young, I began to learn painting. So painting is not only my work, but it is also my hobby.

What inspires your fan art?

People loving my artwork, this is the best way to inspire me!

Is there a particular member, ship or a theme you love to draw?

In iKON, my favorite member is BOBBY, so BOBBY often appears in my artwork.


A fellow Bobby stan. I love your cute drawings of Bobby and so does my daughter who is another Bobby/DoubleB stan. You appeal transcends age! Where do you usually publish your work and where can we look you up?

Because I am Chinese, so my favourite network medium is Weibo , but i also have twitter & ins.

My Weibo ID is :@你里kim大爷

My twitter ID is:@namekyu0726

ins ID:@namkyu19980726

I often put my artwork in Weibo and Twitter,but some artwork only put in Weibo.

You get a lot of reaction and feedback for your work from other fans. Was there anything someone said that was negative? I think everyone loves fan art and fan artist, I never saw anything negative ever said under a fan art post. Is my impression right?

No one said anything that really stayed with me, but I don’t care this. I think everyone has their life, they are transient visitors in my life. But I have received some negative comments under fan art post. In this world, there are kind people but also hateful people. So, we should keep in our mind not to become the bad people.

Oh, wow! I did not expect this answer. I guess miserable people can hate even something as cheerful and positive as your fan art. Is there any particular illustration or comic you drew that is special to you and that you would like to share with us? Tell us why is it special?

This picture is special to me, because this picture is my first time to draw fanart. This boy is Infinite leader SungKyu.


This is another special picture for me as it is the first time I drew BOBBY.


Was your art ever used without your permission or plagiarised? How do you prevent things like that from happening.

Yes, my artwork was used without my permission and plagiarised.

I am a rational person. I will look for them to explain their reasons.

Your art has a chance to reach iKON members or people close to them, thus giving you the satisfaction of reaching your idol in a way most of fans can only dream off.

I don’t think I am closer to iKON than any other iKONIC, we are all in it together equally.

My artwork can make people happy, and this is my dream.

I am positive that your art has made many an iKONIC happy! How could it not, as it is downright adorable. 

This was @namekyu0726, a talented new iKONIC with a soft spot for Double B, give her a lot of love and enjoy more of her delightful art.




iKON impresses on MOVE TO MUSIC

photo credit: @june_lovee

On 19th of August 2017, iKON performed on MOVE TO MUSIC concert  showing once again that they can turn any venue into an iKONCERT.

photo credit: gooddrcho

Besides iKON, MOVE TO MUSIC line up included B.I.G, WINNER and TOPP DOGG. iKONICs showed up in force and bathed the venue in their KONBAT flame.

photo credit: @jinhwansatan

iKON opened with Sinosijak that was followed by a hilarious Ment, than came Rhythm Ta and My Type followed by a  longer Q&A session which included the boys cleaning the stage floor (do not question it, it is iKON). Their part of the concert was concluded with high energy performances of Bling Bling and B Day.

As always iKON was relaxed and at home on the stage performing live. Their stage experience is more than evident in their charismatic performances. Any iKON performance is a a true treat for fans and non-fans alike. They always make us proud.

Now enjoy the performance thanks to kind iKONIC (@ikon_bp) sharing it.

Koo Junhoe Shines on Fantastic Duo2, Trends no 1 on Naver, Instiz, KKT and Twitter

(Screen Cap by @jjiwonism twitter )

iKONICs the world over are trending #수고했어_준회야 (Well Done, Junehoe-ya) to congratulate him on his exciting appearance on Fantastic Duo 2 where he made it to top 3 after impressing featured vocalist legend Yang Hee Eun, panelist and fans with his breathtaking and unique vocal color.

(Screencaps by @BOBBYPITS twitter)

Today Koo Junhoe appeared on Fantastic Duo 2 and impressed right away with his Jiu Jitsu prowess.

(Cr: @ALNIKON_ twitter)

He followed that with a Micheal Jackson impression dance off with fellow contestant Hwang Chiyeol causing many hearts to flutter with kinetic hip thrusts!!!

(Cr: @teamjunhoe twitter)

When it came time to perform his solo he showcased PsyKon love with a rendition of Psy’s “Champion” remixed at the end to say “Please make me your Fantastic Duet!”


During the group songs Koo Junhoe did not disappoint showing a different side of his vocal range with a beautiful falsetto note and with soft tones and harmonies.

(Cr: @kwontoji twitter)

(Cr: @ALNIKON_ twitter)

(Cr: @ALNIKON_ twitter)

It was a very proud moment when Junhoe was picked first for top 3. Former YG vocalist Gummy also had praise for him.

(Cr: @ALNIKON_ twitter)

(Cr: @teamjunhoe twitter)

(Cr: @ikinghanbin twitter)

At the end a worthy winner was picked in B1A4’s Sandeul but iKONICs felt no regret at all due to Junhoe’s excellent performance which his family showed up to see.

(Screencap Cr: @aintjune twitter)

Even while the show was still on Junhoe’s name started to trend on multiple search engines in S.Korea including Naver, Instiz, and Daum. 

He also began to trend on Twitter and then even in Japan!

His name eventually made it to no 1 on Naver, Daum, and KakaoTalk and iKONICs swiftly responded by sending the twitter hashtag #수고했어_준회야 to no 1 in Korea and making it a top trend in the US too! 

In this way iKON and iKONICs showcased their passionate relationship as a young but unstoppable team!

I guess the real question to ask today is can iKON members ever stop making iKONICs proud? 

Not any time soon it seem!

Watch Junhoe put the Fantastic in Fantastic Duo 2 below!


I love fan art and iKONIC fandom is chock full of talented people who give us endless cheer and pleasure with their humorous, cheeky, cute and occasionally downright hot art. Being married to a comic book artist I see first hand how much, time, work and dedication it takes to produce such artwork and fan artists do it for free, out of love. I think it is only fair that we give some of the love back. This is the first in a series of articles on KONY’S ISLAND blog presenting iKONIC fan artists, some of the nicest, sweetest people in our fandom.  So without further ado let me introduce the first in the series, the lovely @icelycheetea of undeniable cuteness and dreamy watercolor art.

ikon oki

How did you become an iKONIC?

I’m a HUGEEE Bigbang fan hehe so when I found out that GD and Taeyang are gonna be on WIN as mentors I decided to watch the show. Team B caught me off guard with how genuine and desperate they were about fulfilling their dreams. Their actions and words were just so honest imo, pure kids who wanted to be successful in things they love. Also their team work was just amazing. The rest was history. Never thought I was going to fall for another boygroup, but here I am, happy and thankful that I found iKON.

What is your favorite iKON song or a moment?

Songs you mean? lol. I love every song that they’ve released so far tbh, but if I have to pick one..….. Rhythm Ta Rock ver. !! WE GON GET IT POPPIN’ WE GON WE GON GET IT POPPIN’ !! lol I’m a sucker for hype song. The fanchant during Rhythm Ta at their concerts will always be an iconic moment. Loveeee ❤

Rhythm Ta Rock ver. is undeniable bop! Do you mind telling us how did you become an iKON fanartist?

Hmmmm by accident? Hahah. One day I decided to make a twitter acc just for my fangirling purposes, it was Donghyuk’s birthday iirc, I was so bored then I uploaded my drawing to wish him a Happy Birthday. I felt good after that hehe I felt like I spent my time wisely by drawing. After that I just kinda continued with it since it makes me happy.

Is art something you do just as a hobby or are you a professional artist?

I’m nowhere near professional lol but I do crafty stuffs hehe 😀  Drawing has always been a hobby since I was a kid.

What inspires your fanart? Is there a particular member, ship or a theme you love to draw?

Beautiful things, greenery, flowers, colors. Since iKON IS beautiful, they also inspire me a lot.

**Bias Alert** Jinhwan in particular, always makes me want to draw him lol but I love drawing iKON in general, everything about them.

jinhwan oki

Your love of Jinhwan is known far and wide.😀 I was wondering, what is your favorite technique/medium to work in?

Watercolor allll the waaay! Hehe I’m a manual person who always flops with digital related stuffs, so I mostly use watercolor. I am trying to learn digital art, still in the process of trial and error hehe

You get a lot of reactions and feed back for your work from other fans. Was there anything someone said that stayed with you as special?

Every time someone says my drawing makes them happy, or how by seeing my drawing it made their day better. (Aren’t they so sweet?) I just never thought that what I did can actually make others happy ;;____;;;;  I mean, I draw because whenever I draw it makes me happy, and to know that what I draw also makes others happy…. Just the best feeling in the world. (lol sorry that I used a lot of ‘happy’ in this answer)

Also, I met a lot of cool people and other fan artists online who gave me lots of amazing motivation and inspiration. You guys rock!

I think everyone loves fan art and fan artist, I never saw anything negative ever said under a fan art post. Is my impression right? Please tell me it is, so I can retain my faith in humanity.

Yeeesss, everyone is so nice, iKONICS are so nice ❤

*P.S : You can hold on to your faith in humanity. It exists 😀

That is a relief! With my faith in humanity intact let me ask is there any particular illustration or comic you drew that is special to you and that you would like to share with us? Tell us why is it special?

hanbin jinani
When Hanbin hurt his eye but still managed and insisted to perform, and how the other members were so worried about him and they’re always there to assist him. I….. My hearteu, my shimjang and kokoro O<-<

Was your art ever used without your permission or plagiarised? How do you prevent things like that from happening?

Afaik, nope, Thank God hehe.

Your art has reached iKON members or people close to them, we saw it displayed in Jinhwan’s mom coffee shop, thus giving you the satisfaction of reaching your idol in a way most of the fans can only dream off. How did that make you feel?

When I first found out, I couldn’t believe it. Like.. How? Who am I even? Amazing feelings. It kinda motivated me to draw better too heheh. It also showed me how iKON and people who are close to them all appreciate fans. Which makes them even more lovable in my eyes.

Have you ever thought of making fan merchandise using your art or publishing it?

Yeeess so many times, but since I’m bad at organizing things I only manage to do it now hehe.

So tell us where we can get our hands on it.

(Shameless promotion, but since you asked)



Anything else you wish to share with us?

You can find my work both on Twitter and Instagram. My twitter handle and Instagram is the same : @icelycheetea

Here are some other works of mine 😀

little princehanbin and jinhwannobby okiiKON v app moment


Thank you @icelycheetea for talking to us and for sharing your art with us. 

I hope you guys will enjoy this series and feel free to suggest fan artist you would like to see featured here. If you are a fan artist and would like to be part of this series please contact us. We would love to have you!

iKONICS be sure to follow us as there is more fabulous fan art to come!