Friendship born out of rivalry: Olltii and Bobby




During a recent IG live Olltii mentioned Bobby by saying they talk on kakotalk and drink together sometimes. Fans especially noted how Olltii called Bobby Jiwon.



Also, a month ago Olltii took a picture with Bobby’s cardboard cutout  leading to a cute kkt conversation between him and Bobby.


Photo credit:  @iKONTIMES_MY ( cr. olltii via 金知元吧)

Although Olltii was presented as Bobby’s nemesis during the SMTM 3 and there was some direct dissing going on, most notable one being Olltii calling Bobby and B.I “pretty Barbie dolls”, that did not stop the two of them from forming a friendship. Even iKONICS regard Olltii fondly as it is clear that there is no hard feelings on either side. Hope you get a chance to go for that drink boys!


Senior Cosmopolitan Editor Likes Tweet Featuring Kim Hanbin and Jung Jaewon

(image cr: Guard Bin)

In the midst of rising excitement over yet another iKON member’s variety solo debut, iKONICs were able to witness a small but surprising and positive event when a Senior Fashion Editor at Cosmopolitan liked a post on twitter that featured images of YG rapper Jung Jaewon aka “One” and our very own Leader/Rapper/Songwriter Kim Hanbin!

(image cr: Guard Bin and Unknown)

It all begin with the announcement by Osen this morning of the “Rapper Special” to be broadcast on the On Style Network Beauty show, “Get it Beauty” on August 16th, 9:30pm KST.

iKONICs were extremely excited to find out that Kim Hanbin was one of the rappers chosen to feature on the show especially because it will be his first solo variety appearance!

(translations: @KONNECTED_ @ALNIKON)

There was further excitement over Jung Jaewon’s featuring as well because of the recently revealed cute friendship between the rapper known as One and Kim Hanbin.

iKONICs, who have taken to referring to the relationship as “OneBin”, have been watching over their friendship closely since Jaewon mentioned and included Hanbin on one of his first promotional radio broadcasts.  It was revealed then, to the delight of fans,  that Hanbin addresses Jaewon without honorifics but simply and affectionately as, “Jaewonnie.”

In the midst of all the excitement, twitter user, @BBkings5 made a post about hoping to see interactions between the two friendly rappers using images where they appear to be twinning in cute head dresses from fans.


(cr: @BBkings5)

Shortly after the fan witnessed the surprise acknowledgement from the Senior Cosmopolitan Fashion Editor.


(cr: @BBkings5)

A small but sweet and exciting event to crown off our good news!

Hopefully not only will we see interaction between the two rapper friends but maybe we may see further developments between the beautiful rappers and the world renown International Fashion Power House, Cosmopolitan Magazine.

As they say – there’s no harm in hoping!!! 😉


I love fan art and iKONIC fandom is chock full of talented people who give us endless cheer and pleasure with their humorous, cheeky, cute and occasionally downright hot art. Being married to a comic book artist I see first hand how much, time, work and dedication it takes to produce such artwork and fan artists do it for free, out of love. I think it is only fair that we give some of the love back. This is the first in a series of articles on KONY’S ISLAND blog presenting iKONIC fan artists, some of the nicest, sweetest people in our fandom.  So without further ado let me introduce the first in the series, the lovely @icelycheetea of undeniable cuteness and dreamy watercolor art.

ikon oki

How did you become an iKONIC?

I’m a HUGEEE Bigbang fan hehe so when I found out that GD and Taeyang are gonna be on WIN as mentors I decided to watch the show. Team B caught me off guard with how genuine and desperate they were about fulfilling their dreams. Their actions and words were just so honest imo, pure kids who wanted to be successful in things they love. Also their team work was just amazing. The rest was history. Never thought I was going to fall for another boygroup, but here I am, happy and thankful that I found iKON.

What is your favorite iKON song or a moment?

Songs you mean? lol. I love every song that they’ve released so far tbh, but if I have to pick one..….. Rhythm Ta Rock ver. !! WE GON GET IT POPPIN’ WE GON WE GON GET IT POPPIN’ !! lol I’m a sucker for hype song. The fanchant during Rhythm Ta at their concerts will always be an iconic moment. Loveeee ❤

Rhythm Ta Rock ver. is undeniable bop! Do you mind telling us how did you become an iKON fanartist?

Hmmmm by accident? Hahah. One day I decided to make a twitter acc just for my fangirling purposes, it was Donghyuk’s birthday iirc, I was so bored then I uploaded my drawing to wish him a Happy Birthday. I felt good after that hehe I felt like I spent my time wisely by drawing. After that I just kinda continued with it since it makes me happy.

Is art something you do just as a hobby or are you a professional artist?

I’m nowhere near professional lol but I do crafty stuffs hehe 😀  Drawing has always been a hobby since I was a kid.

What inspires your fanart? Is there a particular member, ship or a theme you love to draw?

Beautiful things, greenery, flowers, colors. Since iKON IS beautiful, they also inspire me a lot.

**Bias Alert** Jinhwan in particular, always makes me want to draw him lol but I love drawing iKON in general, everything about them.

jinhwan oki

Your love of Jinhwan is known far and wide.😀 I was wondering, what is your favorite technique/medium to work in?

Watercolor allll the waaay! Hehe I’m a manual person who always flops with digital related stuffs, so I mostly use watercolor. I am trying to learn digital art, still in the process of trial and error hehe

You get a lot of reactions and feed back for your work from other fans. Was there anything someone said that stayed with you as special?

Every time someone says my drawing makes them happy, or how by seeing my drawing it made their day better. (Aren’t they so sweet?) I just never thought that what I did can actually make others happy ;;____;;;;  I mean, I draw because whenever I draw it makes me happy, and to know that what I draw also makes others happy…. Just the best feeling in the world. (lol sorry that I used a lot of ‘happy’ in this answer)

Also, I met a lot of cool people and other fan artists online who gave me lots of amazing motivation and inspiration. You guys rock!

I think everyone loves fan art and fan artist, I never saw anything negative ever said under a fan art post. Is my impression right? Please tell me it is, so I can retain my faith in humanity.

Yeeesss, everyone is so nice, iKONICS are so nice ❤

*P.S : You can hold on to your faith in humanity. It exists 😀

That is a relief! With my faith in humanity intact let me ask is there any particular illustration or comic you drew that is special to you and that you would like to share with us? Tell us why is it special?

hanbin jinani
When Hanbin hurt his eye but still managed and insisted to perform, and how the other members were so worried about him and they’re always there to assist him. I….. My hearteu, my shimjang and kokoro O<-<

Was your art ever used without your permission or plagiarised? How do you prevent things like that from happening?

Afaik, nope, Thank God hehe.

Your art has reached iKON members or people close to them, we saw it displayed in Jinhwan’s mom coffee shop, thus giving you the satisfaction of reaching your idol in a way most of the fans can only dream off. How did that make you feel?

When I first found out, I couldn’t believe it. Like.. How? Who am I even? Amazing feelings. It kinda motivated me to draw better too heheh. It also showed me how iKON and people who are close to them all appreciate fans. Which makes them even more lovable in my eyes.

Have you ever thought of making fan merchandise using your art or publishing it?

Yeeess so many times, but since I’m bad at organizing things I only manage to do it now hehe.

So tell us where we can get our hands on it.

(Shameless promotion, but since you asked)



Anything else you wish to share with us?

You can find my work both on Twitter and Instagram. My twitter handle and Instagram is the same : @icelycheetea

Here are some other works of mine 😀

little princehanbin and jinhwannobby okiiKON v app moment


Thank you @icelycheetea for talking to us and for sharing your art with us. 

I hope you guys will enjoy this series and feel free to suggest fan artist you would like to see featured here. If you are a fan artist and would like to be part of this series please contact us. We would love to have you!

iKONICS be sure to follow us as there is more fabulous fan art to come!


Koo Junhoe and Song Yunhyeong taste their first Variety Solos!

(featured image cr: @sbsyoungstreet instagram)

iKONICS the world over are celebrating the recent Variety Solo debuts of two iKON members, Koo Junhoe aka June and Song Yunhyeong aka Yoyo!


(cr: YunJun Thread One Hallyu)

Koo Junhoe who is one of iKON’s maknae members is known for his “noise pollution” which is his ability to sing very loudly no matter where he is! His appearance on SBS Fantastic Duo 2 on Sunday, Aug 6th was his first ever solo variety appearance but you wouldn’t have guessed it from how happy and comfortable he seemed!

June is known to have expressed on more than one occasion how much he has always wanted an opportunity like this so we can all relate to his happiness 🙂


(cr: v-ii tumblr)

Fans are more excited for his appearance this Sunday, Aug 13th because it will finally be his turn to compete! SBS Fantastic Duo 2 released the following Teaser escalating anticipation for Koo Junhoe’s unique and powerful husky tones and the added bonus of seeing his signature Micheal Jackson moves!

(cr: @iKOFF_ twitter)




Yunhyeong’s Law of the Jungle casting came even more as a shock for fans as he is one of the iKON members with the fewest variety appearances.

It was announced today that the iKON member affectionately known also as “Song Chef” due to his cooking show on VApp and being the Dorm Cook, would officially be joining the new season of “Law of the Jungle” starting mid-August for the season which will be broadcast in September.

Fans have expressed their wishes for him to stay safe and healthy and are cheering him on strongly!



(source: @KONNECTED_ twitter)

It’s a very exciting time for iKONICs and we can’t help but hope to see more solo debuts in variety, drama and especially music for the lively and talented New Kids of iKON!

iKON Members Stun with Beautiful Live Cover of One Direction’s “Half A Heart”


Listeners were truly moved and impressed on Friday, Aug. 4th by a surprise live coverage of One Direction song “Half A Heart” by iKON members Kim Donghyuk and Kim Jinhwan!

The Cover Session occurred during the Weekly VApp Radio show of Kim Donghyuk where he normally plays soothing music and shares exchanges of the heart with fans that tune in.

On this day he was joined by the iKON mathyung Kim Jinhwan and their voices blended in perfect harmony for an impressive rendition of the popular western boy band’s song.

Though the vocals were highly praised by all, a key point of the performance was Kim Jinhwan’s live electric guitar accompaniment. Jinhwan is known to have been working for a while to become proficient with the electric guitar and this performance showed he’s already come a long way!

Kim Donghyuk and Kim Jinhwan, whose unit name among fans is “DongHwan,” have previously covered “Drunk” by Zayne in which Donghyuk played the piano accompaniment all to an enthusiastic response which inspired them to continue.

Fans responses for “Half A Heart” have also been full of delight:

iKON Members Stun with Beautiful live coverage of One Direction's…_005

Overall the call has been unanimous for these two iKON crooners to become an official iKON subunit!

Make sure to tune in this Friday to Vnight from Dong Dong as you never know what we will be surprised with next!

See below for the covers:

One Direction “Half a Heart” by DongHwan (Video by Piece of Jinan)


Zayne “Drunk” by DongHwan (video by 필름콘)


VNight by DongDong


Article By @_indigogo