Goodbye Road achieves its first Melon roofhit!

After a excruciating hour of monitoring the 5 minute chart, Goodbye Road achieved it’s first Melon and Genie roofhit! As of 8AM, Goodbye Road has a total of 362,257 unique listeners.

Goodbye Road is also climbing back up on Naver, currently sitting at #5, while dominating all other major charts and being #6 on iChart as of 8.30AM KST.

Congratulations to iKON and iKONICs for all the hard work, let’s keep going!


iKON breaks 100 hourly Perfect All Kills for Love Scenario!



At 3PM KST on February 17th, history was made for iKON when they reached their 100th hourly Perfect All Kill for their title track, ‘Love Scenario’.

‘Love Scenario”s success continues to skyrocket, even from a brief lapse in chart figures over the last few days. It seems that ‘Love Scenario’ just can’t stop taking the world by storm.

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Stream and download tutorial: Genie and Melon

It’s time to get to work. We bring you, along with @kon_squad, the tutorial for proper streaming and how to download on Genie and Melon.

Please make sure to check out this entire thread for extra information about MELON STREAMING. There you can find: 1) How To Turn Off Cache 2) How To Check Remaining Streams for Coupon/Limited Streaming 3) How To Check Remaining Song Downloads and expiry for Unlimited Streaming

Let’s get into it.


  1. Stream on Genie and create a playlist
  2. How to check how many Genie streams you have left
  3. How to clear Genie history


  1. Stream on Melon
  2. How to create a playlist on Melon
  3. How to download songs on Melon

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[UPDATED] Tutorial: Create a Genie account

photo cred: OfficialYGiKON

Hello iKONICs! With the supposedly imminent iKON comeback, it’s time to gear up and get ready to do some work as soon as the album comes out. Kony’s Island, in collaboration with KONSQUAD, bring you a much needed tutorial on how to create a Genie account and how to get free streaming passes, you can also see here how to redeem them.

As a fandom we don’t have a lot of experience with streaming, so we hope this will motivate new iKONICs to participate in fan promotions to help out the boys.

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