iKON impresses with their first performances of Killing me and Freedom on Music Core

iKON just had their debut stages for this comeback on Music Core. They performed their heavily punkrock influenced sub title tract Freedom witch contained cute homages to dances from other YG groups. Can you spot those?


What followed is the awaited performance of iKON’s latest title track Killing Me. As always iKON vowed both fans and non fans alike with their amazing performance ability.


iKON reveals the sub-title Freedom

Several hour after revealing title song  Killing Me for iKON’s new mini album New Kids Continue, YGE reveled the sub-title Freedom with lyrics by B.I , Bobby ,승 and composed by Millennium, B.I , 승.

Naver article states that this is the song Hanbin, Bobby and June are most attached to.

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Does this means we will get two MVs? What do you think iKONICS?

Are you ready for Killing Me and Freedom?