iKON fan art – or in this case just ART

Hello our lovely subscribers and readers! We are back to doing interviews with the talented and creative members of our fandom, and we have a real treat for you.  An amazing fanartist @milkyopi whose work looks like it should live in prestigious art galleries and not just our browsers. I also have to thank our own @icelycheetea  for making this interview possible.

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iKON fan art – the youngest iKON fanartist

Love for iKON is not limited by age, we saw entire families, from grandparents to tiny little kids, attending iKON concerts in Japan and it is time to let one of those young fans say a thing or two about their love for iKON. As last for this year in our iKON fan art series we bring you the youngest iKON fanartist, Soki.

Tell us  a bit about yourself?

Mom you know me.

We are doing an interview, pretend I am not your mom. Just tell me your name and stuff. 

My name is Sonja, everyone calls me Soki. I am 11 years old. I go to school and I draw comics just like my dad.

How did you become an iKONIC?

Because of you.

Say a litte bit more about it.

My mom and dad listen to lot of music and I listen to it too. I like Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age and iKON. I  also really, really like BIGBANG and 2ne1 since when I was a child because you listened to them.

You are still a child. 

When I was a little child. I especially liked Taeyang because he looks like my dad.

He really does not (unfortunately).

He does too. I also love 2ne1 and I was really sad when you told me they broke up. Their last song was very sad and I cried. I don’t like sad songs, they make me cry. Than you started to listen to iKON and they have puppies in their videos and I like that a lot, and they love animals and Bobby is a bunny and they are very funny…

Easy there tiger, slow down. I need to write all this down.



I want to be a puppy not a tiger.

OK?! What is your favorite iKON song or a moment? 

Dumb and Dumber is the best song ever  but I am not allowed to play it more than five times in a row. I like also Bomb with Psy, Bobby and Hanbin but it does not have a video and that makes me sad. They should make a video and have puppies in it. Dumb and Dumber video has two puppies in it, TWO!! Also B-day!

Anything else you specially love about iKON, like something they did and said?

I like that TV show Hanbin and Jinhwan did with animals, that was the best. Bobby said he is iKONs bunny there, that was funny. You should buy me a goat.

Yes, Mari and I was great. I am not buying you a goat. We are over the goat discussion. 

Then bunny, I should have a bunny and his name would be Bobby. You would like that too. Right, a bunny Bobby. I really need one.

No bunny. We have a mental cat that would give that bunny a heart attack in 5 minutes tops. No more animals in this house. You have a dog and a cat enough is enough. 

…but Bobby bunny…


Ok. We can talk about it later…

Why do I have the feeling I lost all control of this interview. How did you become an iKON fanartist?

What’s a fanartist?

Someone who draws iKON like you. When did you start drawing iKON?

I’m a fanartist. Cool. I started drawing iKON when I was a child.

You are still a chil….yeah . You were 9 when you started  drawing iKON OK.

Yes, when I was a child. I was not good then as I am now. I am better now at drawing.

Why did you start to draw them?

Because they are funny and I like them, and you like them, and we like them together.

Oh, baby!

I am not a baby mom, you are embarrassing.

You haven’t been doing a lot of iKON drawing lately, why is that?

I am very busy with school. You make me do all this hard work, like do my homework, brush my teeth and all that… I just don’t have time for my art. Stop laughing mom,  it is really not that funny, it is sad, and it is all your fault you make me do all that homework… STOP LAUGHING!!

Ok, ok. Is there a particular member, ship or a theme you love to draw?

Why are you talking about ships? I don’t like boats. Why are you so weird?

Who in iKON do you like to draw the most?

Ohhh, Hanbin and Bobby. Bobby is Hanbin’s bunny. That is so funny, I love that. You love Bobby and Hanbin too mom, right? You have all these photos on your computer of them shirtle…

Yeah OK. We don’t need to share everything. 


Also June, cause he is very funny, and Chanwoo because he is cute and has a Husky in Dumb and Dumber video, and Jinhwan because he is small, and Dong because he is pretty and Yoyo cause he cooks and is pretty too…


Is there a favorite drawing of iKON you did and why is it your favorite.soki153

It is my drawing of iKON as My Little Pony characters. I got to give them all a beauty mark. That was fun and then your friend,  made me a pencil bag out of it. She draws Jinhwan very pretty, your nice friend and made stickers too. He looks so cute and he is shorter then me.


No he is not, and yes @icelycheetea spoiled you with that bag. 

Well, he will be.


I was talking mom, stop interrupting me. Than your super nice friend made me my pencil bag and I keep all my drawing stuff in it, and I took it to school and everyone was all oooooooooohhhh. You should buy me a konbat.

Wait what, no. I am not buying you a konbat so you can hit your friend in school. No, we are not discussing this again. 

Konbat is all red, and pretty and shiny and he touched my pencil bag and deserves to be hit.

Konbat is not for hitting people, we had this talk before.

It looks like a bat mom, really (insert eye roll).

Do you publish your work anywhere?

You put it on that iKON place (OneHallyu) when I do something and send it to your friends. You do not let me go on line alone because you said “it is full of nasty people that want to talk to little kids and shouldn’t”.  I am not a little kid but I still don’t want to talk to nasty people so you just show it to other iKONICS, OK.

Thank you for talking to me!

You are my mom , not like I can say no. Duh…

Anything to add?

iKON will come back soon (my mom said) and I hope they have more puppies in their videos or bees, I like bees and that dinosaur dance was amazing!!! waengwaeng

Enjoy more of Soki’s  drawings

soki strip075

soki strip 2076

soki strip4

Oh, mommmmm I was little when I drew this, it is not good. Why are you so embarrassing.




iKON FAN ART – Thalia, a fan artist with a slight Junhwan obsession

ikon meeu

More glorious fan art coming your way and this time the wonderful artist is versatile Thalia @H0EBABY! Thalia can go from adorable chibi illustrations to breathtakingly beautiful realistic work. But best thing would be to let Thalia tell you about herself.

First things first. How did you become an iKONIC?

I knew Bobby and B.I from SMTM, yeah I’m a big fan of K-hiphop back then. And it was months before iKON debut and I wasn’t into Kpop. One of my friends showed me a funny clip from Mix & Match (she said they were funny and that I’m going to like them) and she was right, I couldn’t stop watching it. They were so hilarious and it made me want to watch them more and more. That is the first time iKON hooked me. And it continued until now haha. They are hilarious.

I couldn’t agree more, they are a funny lot. Do you have a favorite iKON song or a moment?

For songs, absolutely Climax and Long Time No See, because both have deep meaning. I cried a lot during iKONCERT when they were performing these songs. For Climax, okay who doesn’t love and get emotional when it comes to Climax? No one I bet lol. For Long Time No See, I fell for the lyrics. It feels like they were thanking us for waiting. Even though they were gone for a long time, they promised us that they’re coming back so we don’t need to worry. It’s my healing song every time I feel down, every time I miss the boys.

Other than Climax and LTNS, it’s Friends (they sang it on The Remix), I don’t know why but I just love it so much. The remix between Friends and Canon is gooooodd! Also they infused classical music into dance.

I loved the Remix and “Friends” performance was meaningful in so many ways, as it represented iKON and their relationship so well. So, tell us how did you become an iKON fan artist?

I drew iKON a lot but I didn’t call myself “iKON fan artist” back then because I did it for my college assignment only (used iKON as my inspiration lol). Months before iKONCERT, I was wondering what to give for freebies on the D-Day (the iKONCERT), and I decided to try making chibi sticker (first time lol) and yeah it was the start. I enjoy drawing iKON and I think it became a habit now haha.


Is art something you do just as a hobby or are you a professional artist?

It wasn’t my hobby and I’m not a professional artist either. Since I’m majoring in art and design (and I couldn’t draw and got no sense in art), my college forced me to lol. But it’s kind of a hobby now.

jinhwan realism 2

Yeah, I think you can no longer say that you cannot draw. What inspires your fan art?

iKON? Yeah I think they’re my one and only inspiration since I began to love drawing because of them. (I didn’t enjoy drawing back then, hated it a lot lol). And my fan art comes mostly from the real things they did.

junhwan v app

Is there a particular member, ship or a theme you love to draw?

I draw all iKON members but since I’m a Junhwan shipper/trash I draw Junhwan the most. They’re both cute ;-;

junhwan cultwo

What is your favourite technique/medium to work in?

Mine is digital. Since I suck at doing manual, so let me just do digital haha. I usually use Adobe Photoshop and SAI to draw (both realism and chibi). Maybe I’ll start learning manual soon haha.

june realism 2

You get a lot of reaction and feedback for your work from other fans. Was there anything someone said that stayed with you as special?

When they said that they love my art so much and or using it as his wallpaper and else. Oh I’ve done a prank once (it was during April Mop) that I’m going to stop drawing and close my account. And the feedbacks were sweet (why people are so sweet, I’m weak ;-;). They gave me motivation to keep drawing ;-; I love y’all.

And fan art helps me make new friends! With the same hobby (drawing iKON) I met lots of cool fan artist out there.

I think everyone loves fan art and fan artist, I never saw anything negative ever said under a fan art post.

Yesss! It’s because iKONICS are sweet, aren’t they?! The sweetest fam I’ve ever met!

We love you too! Is there any particular illustration or comic you drew that is special to you and that you would like to share with us? Tell us why is it special?


Ok this is a collab art but this is the special one for me. It’s the first time (some of) Indonesian iKON fan artists collaborated together (I drew Hanbin). Glad to know that iKON has many talented and lovely fan artists!

That is amazing! You guys are like a cool clique. Was your art ever used without your permission or plagiarized? How do you prevent things like that from happening?

Yes. They were selling my art without permission. I asked them to take it down and they did (gladly).

Your art has reached iKON members or people close to them, thus giving you the satisfaction of reaching your idol in a way most of fans can only dream off. How did that make you feel?

without hwangssabu


I (once) drew Junhwan doing jiujitsu and tagged Hwangssabu-nim on Instagram. I don’t expect any respond from him but he did comment on my drawing “where is me?” lol. So I made another fan art including him on it. He liked my drawing and used it as his display picture. It was so unreal for me and of course I was excited. Few days after he noticed my drawing withikonic (Junhwan) posted a selca with Hwangssabu-nim in their jiujitsu outfit. I draw it once again (well since I’m Junhwan shipper, i always draw anything related Junhwan), tagged Hwangssabu-nim again. And he did repost it and used it as his DP once again. It was (once again) unreal, It’s the most amazing feel I’ve ever felt and I feel thankful to him.

with hwangssabu

You have a fan in Hwangssabu for sure. Have you ever thought of making fan merchandise using your art or publishing it? And if you did, tell us where we can get our hands on it.

I sold many things lol. The first one is notebook. Actually I made the notebook for my personal use only but people were asking how to buy it so, yep it was the start from me (selling lots of stuff lol). I sold key chain before (attached the photo), and going to release one soon. Here’s the preview (attached the photo). Please wait for it, I’m going to release it soon on my twitter @H0EBABY or simply click bit.ly/h0ebaby (shameless promotion lol)

going to sell this soonkeychain

That was Thalia, one with a direct link to Hwangssabu’s fan art loving heart. There is still more to come to quote the immortal worlds of Bobby “It ain’t over yet!”. Now enjoy more of Thalia’s fan art.

orangejunejinhwan realismjune realism 3june realismhwanpotter

iKON FAN ART, Confession of a DoubleB Trash

ex6NLEy6 (1)

We are continuing our iKON fan artist series and with absolute pleasure I get to present to you a fellow DoubleB trash and probably a closeted fujoshi, Yoye of @Yo_BiBob.  I have been following Yoye for quite some time and her art always brings smile to my face and often makes me giggle.

The crucial question first. How did you become an iKONIC ?

I asked a friend to give me something to watch. Among other things she recommended WIN and Mix n Match. At that time I was not into kpop, but my friends kept talking about it and I thought survivals were interesting, so I gave it a try. After watching it, I found myself liking iKON and I searched about them. I was upset that hadn’t yet debuted at that time. I searched for updates and found it on twitter. I waited for their debut but didn’t plan to join the fandom, Ii was just lurking around. But idk how, I ended up an iKONIC and join the fandom. It’s the first fandom that I joined. hhhhh.

What is your favorite iKON song or a moment?

My first fav iKON song is SINOSIJAK SHOWTIME!! But now i have too many fav songs hhhh. It’s hard to choose a moment. My fav moment is every time iKON performs on stage all sweaty and singing with passion, all crazy smiles, and hyped up doing adlibs to enliven the stage.

iKON on stage is wild! How did you become an iKON fanartist ?

I have this drawing account where I post random drawings. After watching WIN i started drawing Bobby then B.I then DoubleB then i keep drawing only DoubleB to the point i change my username into @yo_BiBob which means Yoye draws B.I BOBBY. After drawing DoubleB for quite long, I gathered some confidence to draw the other members. Then I started to draw iKON.


As a DoubleB trash myself I applaud your choice of subject. Is art something you do as a hobby or are you a professional artist?

I am a hobbyist artist. Not a professional at all. XD. I love to draw since I was a kid. I used to draw girls, clothes, animals and food when I was a kid, but now i only draw men. LOL.

Good choice! But, tell me what inspires your fan art?

Love. I rarely draw something that I hate, but i drew a chibi YG on a swing once. I also draw human beings who are aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. Also warm or cute relationships (family, lovers, bros, or sis and bro), cute stuff, cool stuff, bunny smile, plump lips, or jawline XD. Also talking with my iKONIC friends gives me ideas or sometimes I just draw their creative ideas.


Although I already know an answer to this question, I am going to ask anyway. Is there any particular member, ship or a theme you love to draw?

I am a DoubleB trash. I always start everything in my art with DoubleB. I’m trying hard to draw them clean okay. it’s Really hard. XD. For short comic i love a cute but ridiculous theme. We call it receh.


That was pretty hilarious!  What is your fav technique/medium to work in?

I love my traditional art more than my digital. Digital gives me hard times. For traditional art I’m using watercolor (Sakura Koi) and Color pencils (Polycromos). For digital I’m using Paint tool Sai and a wacom Pen tablet.


As a fan artist you get a lot of reactions and feedback for your work from other iKONICS. Was there anything someone said that stayed with you as special? 

I really love and appreciate all the encouraging comments. Since I’m kind of depressed with my art style, I really need those encouraging comments ahahah I sound so desperate. I love iKON and I love to draw. I show them my love through my drawing since I’m no good with words also i typo a lot. XD So it really make me happy when people like my fan art and support it.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And your art is very expressive so we can feel your love for them through it. Is there any particular illustration or comic you drew that is special to you?

That one drawing of Hanbin smiling with eye patch.. I cried a little while drawing it. A lil bit dramatic :v it’s kinda embarrassing to admit. ahahahahahahahhahahahhahahashut.


Awww! That is actually really sweet.  Was your art ever used without your permission?

It was once. Maybe it was partially my fault because I didn’t write anything on my bio about using them without permission.

Your art has reached iKON members or people close to them, thus giving you the satisfaction of reaching your idol in a way most of fans can only dream off. How did that make you feel?

I was really happy. I hope the boys can see how much they are inspiring me and many other iKONICS out there :”

Have you ever thought of selling your art?

I’m starting to do it. I usually sell it on my IG account only, since I have problem managing things XD. For now I only sell stuff to local iKONICS. I’m still new at this thing and don’t know much about international shipping and payment.

Where can we enjoy your art?

My handle on twitter is @Yo_BiBob.

This was the amazing @Yo_BiBob! Make sure to follow us because there is more to come! Now enjoy more of Yoye’s art and great sense of humor.