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Love Scenario MV YT | NaverTV | VLive

MV Making Film | Dance Practice LOVE SCENARIO | BEAUTIFUL

Dance Practice Moving Shot ver. Love Scenario | Beautiful



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MelOn Genie Mnet Naver Bugs Olleh

Dance Practice Moving Shot ver.



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MelOn Genie Mnet Naver Bugs Olleh

Killing Me MV YT | NaverTV | VLive

MV Making Film | Dance Practice



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MelOn Genie Mnet Naver Bugs Olleh

Goodbye Road MV YT | NaverTV | VLive

MV Making Film | Goodbye Road Performance Video | Dance Practice

‘Love Scenario’ Chinese ver. Lyrics video Chn|Pyn|Eng | Recording Bts ENG

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[0125] ‘RETURN’ Post-comeback Press Interview… Article
MelOn Aztalk Interview ‘iKON listens to iKONICs’ wishes’ YouTube
Billboard Interview iKON Introduces ‘Love Scenario’ & ‘Return’ Album: Watch this Billboard Exclusive… YouTube
Buzzfeed Interview Here’s A Fun Q&A With K-Pop Group iKON About Music, Life, And Their “Return” Album Article
SBS Night of Entertainment FULL EP. 55 – iKON CUT Dailymotion
Arirang Pops in Seoul Get ready? It’s showtime! iKON(아이콘) Interview of ‘Love scenario YouTube
MTV Taiwan Idols of Asia Exclusive Interview Dailymotion
dongA.com x Kim Jinhwan – Guy Friend Interview Article
[KRUNK INSIDE] w/ iKON Ep.1&2 YouTube
iKON x Sabah AlArabiya TV Interview YouTube
[0802] ‘NEW KIDS: CONTINUE’ Pre-comeback Press Interview Article Compilation
iKON @ Section TV Interview YouTube
Billboard Interview ‘iKON Talk Their Single ‘Killing Me,’ Plans for Rest of 2018 & More’ YouTube
iHeartRadio Interview ‘iKON Sing Acapella + Respond To Success Of “Killing Me” YouTube
Metro UK Interview ‘iKON on Love Scenario Syndrome, maturing as a band, and tributes to their fans’ YouTube
[1001] ‘NEW KIDS: THE FINAL’ Comeback Press Con
Arirang: Pops in Seoul Interview YouTube
MelOn AZtalk Interview YouTube
Vlive x Osen Interview Article
1theK’s Ask in the Box Interview YouTube


[0127] Music Core Comeback Stage Love Scenario (+ Focus cams) | MC Bobby,B.I- FULL EP.577 VIU Kshow
[0128] Inkigayo Comeback Stage Beautiful + Love Scenario + Interview
[0203] Music Core Love Scenario (+ Focus cams)
[0204] Inkigayo Love Scenario
[0214] Show Champion (Broadcast of Kpop World Festa) Love Scenario + Beautiful  + Bts ENG
[0224] Music Core Love Scenario (+ Focus cams, 3rd Win announcement, encore)
[0303] Music Core Love Scenario (+ Focus cams , 7th win Announcement , Encore)
[0307] Show Champion – LS 9th Win Thank you msg
[0310] Music Core Love Scenario ( 11th Win Announcement + Encore)
[0311] Inkigayo Rubber Band
[0317] Music Core Rubber Band
[0331] Music Core Rubber Band (+ Focus Cams)
[0401] Inkigayo Rubber Band  | Focus Cam Ver.
[0804] Music Core Comeback Stage Killing Me – Freedom (+ Focus Cams)
[0805] Inkigayo Comeback Stage Killing Me – Freedom
[0812] Inkigayo Killing Me
[1006] Music Core Comeback Stage – Goodbye Road – Adore You (+ Focus cams)
[1007] Inkigayo Comeback Stage – Goodbye Road + Adore You
[1014] Inkigayo Goodbye Road + 5th win


*VIU, ODK(Ondemandkorea), KCW(Kocowa) are licensed free-to-stream sites/app (with paid services available)*
[0203] MBC Knowing Bros -HanBobYunJun EP.113 VIU – ODK – Kshow123 | YT Clips Playlist
[0204] MBC King of Mask Singer – Ju-ne vs. JooE PERF | EP.139 FULL VIU – Kshow
[0207] MBC Every1 Weekly Idol EP. 341 FULL KCW – YouTube
[0210] MBC All Broadcasting in the World – Bobby EP. 26 FULL Raw
[0211] MBC King of Mask Singer -Ju-ne Round 2 PERF | EP.140 FULL VIU – Kshow 
[0211] JTBC Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man 2 Ep. 5 FULL Raw | PERF Everything To You (orig. D.BACE)
[0218] MBC Game with No Name (Pilot EP.) – Hanbin + Hanbyul CUT Dailymotion 
[1021] Mobidic CCTV Viewpoint_ iKON On The Way To Work & Off from Work YouTube
[0221] MBC Radio Star (Guest: Bobby, San-e, Kikwang, Park Sung Kwang) EP. 556 FULL KCW– VIU – Kshow 
[0312&0319] Olive TV TALKMON – JunBin EP.9&10 CUT Dailymotion
[0314] tvN Wednesday Food Talk -Jinhwan CUT YouTube
[0406] Naver Hidden Track No. V Check-In Live with iKON X SE SO NEON X O.O.O FULL VLive
[0412] MBC It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets -Junhoe EP.2 CUT YouTube
[0419] MBC It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets -Junhoe EP.3 FULL KCW – VIU – Kshow123
[0420-0525] Naver Hidden Track No. V – Locker Guide EP.1-10 Vlive Playlist
[0421-0701] iKON TV EP.1-11 FULL SERIES YouTube
[0429-0525] Abema TV (JP) – YG TV iKON special FULL SERIES YouTube
[0520] SBS It’s OK To Go A Little Crazy EP.27- Junhoe & Donghyuk (ft. iKON) FULL Raw
[0528] Naver Hidden Track No. V iKON x O.O.O x Se So Neon Check Out Live VLive
[0704-0804] Olleh TV Mobile ‘iKON’s Heart Racing Youth Trip in Hawaii’ EP.1-10 FULL SERIES YouTube
[0726-every Friday] ‘Chanwoo’s Life’ YouTube VLOG Playlist
[0804] MBC Unexpected Q – Junhoe EP. 14 FULL VIU Ondramanice
[0826] JTBC Hidden Singer (Zion.T EP.11) – YunBinDong as guest panelist FULL Raw
[0828] JTBC Idol Room – iKON EP. 17 FULL VLive | Chanwoo Pick-dol Cam VLive
[0902] SBS Running Man – Bobby, B.I  EP.416 FULL VIU –  KCW – ODK – Ondramanice
[0902] MBC King of Mask Singer – Jinhwan EP.167 FULL VIU – KCW | PERF Clips
[0904] tvN Problematic Men/The Braniacs -Jinhwan,B.I, Donghyuk EP.171 Raw
[0905] JTBC4 Mimi Shop – iKON EP.20,21,22 FULL VIU – Ondramanice – Kshow123
[0909-0919] SBS Running Man -Bobby, B.I Part 2 EP.417 VIU – KCW – Ondramanice
[0909] MBC King of Mask Singer -Jinhwan Round 2 EP.168 FULL ENG VIU – KCW 
[0911-10__] JTBC4 Awesome Feed -Yunhyeong EP.3-7 CUT YouTube
[0914] tvN A Battle of One Voice: 300 PERF Love Scenario + B-Day | Clips Twitter
[0916] NKH E-TV “Hangul Lecture on TV” (JP) YouTube 
[0920] tvN Life Bar -JunBinHwan EP.89 FULL VIU – Ondramanice – Kshow123
[0922] tvN Amazing Saturday -BobDong FULL Raw
[1001-1017] VLive x Osen Star Road – iKON EP.1-16 VLive Playlist – YT Playlist
[1005] YG Future Strategy Office EP.4 Netflix | Dramacool
[1010] MBC Every1 Weekly Idol EP.376 KCW – YouTube (+Unreleased Clips Playlist)
[1012] AbemaTV [JP] Raw
[1015-10__  ] Amigo TV S4 EP.1&2 YouTube
[1016] MBC Every1 Video Star – iKON EP.115 FULL Raw


*For alternative links go to KiST or iKONICsubs*
[0201] Melon Radio Star DJ: iK On Air Season 2 (EP.1) YouTube (FULL +Clips)
[0201] Kangta’s Starry Night Radio FULL YouTube
[0202] Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio YouTube | LIVE Love Scenario
[0202] Lee Hongki’s Kiss The Radio YouTube (FULL+ Live + Bts)
[0203] Park Sohyun’s Love Game Radio (BobJinChan) Dailymotion
[0205] Lee Gukjoo’s Youngstreet Radio YouTube (FULL + Live & Bts)
[0206] Melon Radio Star DJ: iK On Air Season 2 (EP.2) FULL Raw | Beautiful Piano ver.
[0207] Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope Radio YouTube | LIVE Love Scenario
[0208] Melon Radio Star DJ: iK On Air Season 2 (EP.3) FULL Raw
[0208] Cultwo Show FULL Dailymotion
[0213] Ji Suk Jin ‘2PM Date’ Radio YouTube
[0214] Song Eun Yi, Kim Sook ‘Unnies Radio’ Dailymotion
[0219] Arirang Radio (Super K-Pop/iKON) YouTube
[0219] Hongki’s Kiss The Radio -iKON + Special DJ B.I&DK YouTube (+ Live & Bts)
[0220] Hongki’s Kiss The Radio – Special DJ B.I&DK (Guest Kisum)
[0221] Hongki’s Kiss The Radio – Special DJ B.I&DK – Clip YouTube
[0223] Hongki’s Kiss The Radio – Special DJ B.I&DK Raw
[0323] Jung Yumi’s FM Date Radio Dailymotion
[0401] Lee Gukjoo’s Youngstreet Radio – Junhoe YouTube
[0809] Cultwo Show Radio YouTube
[0809] Suhyun’s Volume Up Radio YouTube
[0813] Lee Gukjoo’s Youngstreet Radio Raw YouTube – LIVE Killing Me – Freedom
[0813] Yang Yoseob’s Dreaming Radio YouTube – LIVE Killing Me
[0817] Choi Hwajung’s Powertime Radio Raw
[0828] Park Myungsoo Radio YouTube
[0830] Park Sohyun’s Love Game Radio FULL Raw – LIVE Killing Me
[1004] Cultwo Show Radio – iKON & Soyu – YouTube (FULL + LIVE Goodbye Road & LS)
[1008] Lee Suji’s Gayo Plaza Radio – LIVE Goodbye Road + LS
[1008] Idol Radio EP.9 Welcome! Worldwide Idol (w. iKON) VLive
[1017] Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show Radio


Song by B I, Raesung, One (from One’s IG) YouTube
[DANCEKON Throwback] iKON – Feel That (Ian Eastwood Choreo) YouTube
iKON x TIK TOK App Compilation YouTube
B.I x ONE x MILLENNIUM (from instagram) – No Fun YouTube
[0219-0225] iKON – MBC ‘Good Change’ (Wait A Minute) Campaign YouTube
[0329] iKON at Lotte Home Shopping for YGE’s 3geori Butchers FULL Raw
Love Scenario Music Core Official Stage Mix YouTube
iKON Love Scenario Syndrome on the news YouTube
iKON x Oggi (JP) Heart Pounding Message YouTube
[0719] iKON’s first Instagram live YouTube
iKON x Dingo – Killing Me Dance Choreo Video YouTube
Donghyuk for YG X Academy – Dance Videos YouTube
iKON x Dingo – Goodbye Road Sero Live YouTube
iKON x Gregory – Freedom MV YouTube


[0210] Kpop World Festa – Idol Passion Concert – Broadcast + Fancams
[0212] Perfect Valentine Joint Concert (Yokohama Arena)
[0214] 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards – Last Goodbye – Suhyun with Jinhwan
[0303] NIKE Sports Festival – Fancams
[0328] Kenzo Seoul After Party Fancams
[0407] Lifeplus Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival Fancams
[0414] 2018 Incheon Festa : Red Cross Kpop Sharing Festival Fancams
[0427] Camscon & Miller Wonder Night Campus Event Fancams
[0504] JunHwanDong @ Love+Sling (Wrestler) Movie VIP Premiere Press Clip
[0508] Chanwoo’s first pitch for LG Twins Fancams
[0510] Bobby @ Piaget Event
[0511] Seokyeong University Festival Fancams
[0511] Kookje University Festival Fancams
[0512] 2018 Daegu Youth Arts Festival Fancams
[0518] Kwangwoon University Festival Fancams
[0518] 2018 HWF – Hongik Uni Festival Official + Fancams
[0519] 2018 AKARAKA – Yonsei Uni Festival Fancams
[0525] Hanyang Uni Festival (ERICA CAMPUS) Fancams
[0601] Seoil University Festival Fancams
[0607] ‘La Rosa Bianca’ Metro City Fashion Show After Party Fancams
[0622] Bobby @ Chanel Hamburg Collection Boutique opening VLive
[0707] SBS Super Concert in Taipei Broadcast
[0721] iKON as special guest at Epik High’s concert Fancams
[0728] Oak Valley Camping Festlival Fancams
[0801] Korea Music Festival 2018 Broadcast
[0803] Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival (JUMF) 2018 Fancams
[0804] PiKONIC Day Official + Fancams
[0804] KB LiiV Healing Concert Fancams
[0902] iKON @ Asian Games 2018 Closing Ceremony Official + Fancams
[0906] DMC Festival 2018: MBC Radio DJ Concert 2018 Official + Fancams
[0908] DMC Festival 2018: MBC Korean Music Wave Official + Fancams
[0919] Soonchunhyang University Festival Fancams
[1005] Dowoon Technical University Festival Fancams
[1009] World Friends Music Festival 2018 Fancams
[1014] BBQ & SBS Super Concert in Suwon Fancams


[0128] RETURN Fan Signing Day in Jamsil YouTube | Official Pics
[0202] RETURN Fansign in Sangam Fantaken Pics + Vid
[0203] RETURN Fan Signing Day in Goyang YouTube | Official Pics
[0204] RETURN Fansign in Mokdong
[0209] RETURN Fansign in Gwanak
[0223] RETURN Fansign in Busan
[0225] RETURN Fansign in Bundang
[0304] RETURN Fansign in Euljiro
[0311] Private Stage: RE• KONNECT YouTube
[0609] Private Stage ‘KOLORFUL’ Fancams
[0811] iKON Fan Meeting 2018 (Chiba, JP) Day 1
[0812] iKON Fan Meeting 2018 (Chiba, JP) Day 2 (2 shows)
[0818] iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR in Seoul (Gymnastics Arena) Fancams
[0824] iKON Japan Tour 2018 – Fukuoka – Day1
[0825] iKON Japan Tour 2018 – Fukuoka – Day 2 (2 shows)
[0826] iKON Japan Tour 2018 – Fukuoka – Day 3
[0831] NEW KIDS : CONTINUE Fansign in Sinchon Official Vid
[0905] iKON Japan Tour 2018 – Nagoya (2 shows)
[0910] NEW KIDS : CONTINUE Fansign in Sangam
[0913] iKON Japan Tour 2018 – Tokyo (Tokyo International Forum Hall A) Day 1
[0914] iKON Japan Tour 2018 – Tokyo (Tokyo International Forum Hall A) Day 2
[0916] iKON x O!What Fansign Event Tianjin Fancams
[0921] iKON x Ktown4u Fansign Event in Taipei Official Pics
[0922] iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR in Taipei (NTSU Arena) Fancams
[0924] iKON Japan Tour 2018 – Yokohama (Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall) 2 shows
[0926] iKON Japan Tour 2018 – Aichi (Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall)
[0928] iKON Japan Tour 2018 – Aichi  (Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall)
[1006] NEW KIDS: THE FINAL Fansign in Jamsil, Lotte World YouTube
[1007] NEW KIDS: THE FINAL Fansign in Yeouido
[1013] iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR in Kuala Lumpur (Malawati Stadium) Fancams
[1018] iKON x Ktown4u Fansign Event in Bangkok
[1019] iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR in Bangkok


180101 새해복많이 받으세요 “All the best for the new year” – Song family

180101 KJH 섹시한 한 해 보내세요  “KJH Hope you have a sexy new year” -JunHwan

180103 [CH+ mini replay] 우리 얘기 좀 할까? ㅎㅎ Should We Talk? | Full Replay -Donghyuk

180106 [CH+ Full REPLAY] 브이나잇 from.동동 (열네번째 밤) Vnight from Dongdong (14th Night)

180110 [CH+ mini replay]그냥킨 방송 가즈아! Broadcast, turned on for fun, let’s go! -YunChan

180111 [CH+ mini replay]아이 엠 쓰떡ㄲㄲㄱㄱㄱ크드!!!+혹싀혹싀 양말주인 누군지 아나? I’m stuck!!!+Do you know whose socks are these? – BobDong


180125  “Soon” -(B.I’s broadcast 5min. before comeback)

180218 안냐세여 – Bobdong

180304 아이콘 3월 5일 ‘고무줄다리기’ 많이 사랑해주세요❤ “iKON 0305 ‘Rubber Band’ Please give it lots of love”

180324 안뇽  “Hello” – Chan

180402 [CH+ Full Replay] 레스기리이이잇 “Let’s get iiit”- B.I

180403 [CH+ Full Replay] 우아우우우아  “uauuua” – Dong

180403 벚꽃~  “Cherry Blossom” – Yun

180403 [CH+ Full Replay] 지난이다요 – “Jinanindaeyo”

180406 무슨일이야~ “What’s up~” – Bobby

180421 <자체제작 iKON TV> 제작발표회 LIVE “ Production Presentation LIVE”

180421 GN – Jinhwan

180428 [CH+] 레스기리리이이이잇 시간 “Let’s get iiitiit” -hanbin

180512 iKON’s Broadcast – Yun ft. hanbin

180520 잠이 안와 잠깐놀자~~ “can’t sleep, let’s hang out for a bit” -Yun

180521 그냥그냥그냥 “justjustjust” -YunDong ft. Jinan

180530 오랜만지나닙니다 “it’s been a long ‘jinan’ time”

180530 -BobDong

180608 iKON’s Broadcast – Yun

180622 ㅁ의 샤넬 함부르크 컬렉션 부티크 오프닝 빠뤠! Chanel Hamburg Collection Boutique Opening -Bob

180706 [CH+] 니맘대로해 ‘Do as you want’ -chanbin

180707 [CH+] 호텔이에요 “At the hotel” -bobdong

180707 [CH+] iKON+’s Broadcast -yunhyeong

180712 궁금하면 들어와!!  “If you are curious, join me!” -yunhyeong

180714 [CH+] 레츠 기릿 “Let’s get it” -hanbin

180728 [CH+] iKON+’s Broadcast -hanbin

180802 [CH+] iKON+’s Broadcast -hanbin

180818 공지 “announcement” -hanbin

180908 [CH+] 브이나잇 from.동동 (열네번째밤, pt2) VNight from Dong Dong (14th Night Part 2)

180909 [CH+] 브이앱은새벽이지|~^^ ‘it’s vapp at dawn|~^^” -hanbin

180915 [CH+] 브이나잇 from.동동 (열다섯번째밤) VNight from Dong Dong (15th Night)

180915 아이콘3살잔치 “iKON’s 3 year Feast Celebration”

180922 브이나잇 from.동동 (열여섯번째밤) VNight from Dong Dong (16th Night)

191001 ‘Goodbye Diner’ Comeback Countdown VLive

181008 짠요정+밥 “Fairy Chan + Bob”
181014 [CH+] iKON+’s Broadcast – jinhwan

181015 iKON receives V Live Trophy for surpassing 3 million subscribers Vlive


MADAME FIGARO (JP) February 2018 Issue – Jinhwan – Photos + Interview Trans | Bts Trans

@star1 MAGAZINE (KR) February 2018 Issue Cover- iKON – Photos + Interview Trans + Film

ARENA HOMME+ (KR) February 2018 Issue – iKON – Photos + Interview Trans + Film

HARPER’S BAZAAR (KR) March 2018 Issue – iKON – HQ + Interview Trans + Film

JJ Magazine (JP) September 2018 Issue – iKON – Photos + Interview Trans | Making Film

mini Magazine (JP) September 2018 Issue – iKON – Photos –  Interview Trans

Glitter (JP) September 2018 Issue – iKON – Photos + Interview Trans

W (KR) September 2018 Issue – iKON – Photos + Interview Trans

NYLON (KR) September Issue – Yunhyeong – Photos

ELLE (KR) September 2018 Issue – Bobby – Photos

DAZED (KR) September 2018 Issue – Junhoe – Photos – Interview Trans

ARENA (KR) September 2018 Issue – B.I – Photos + Interview Trans

Oggi Magazine (JP) Photos

WWD Beauty (JP) Vol. 513 Photos

Hanryu T.O.P (JP)



RETURN (KR) [LIVE] iKON Japan Tour 2016-2017 Yokohama Arena SUBBED

Summertime Season 3 in Hawaii Download

Private Stage (Kolorful) Download

RETURN (JP) DVD (Bts, A-Nation 2017, X’mas Live + Docu 2017)


Bobby x NONAGON – SS 2018 ‘SUMMER ISN’T OVER YET’ | Making Film 1 2 | Photos

iKON x NIVEA Lipcare Pop Ball | Photos

iKON x GREGORY Korea 2018 FW Campaign | Freedom MV

iKON x MEXICANA Chicken Photos


iKON x NIVEA Lip Care x Krunk Edition

Donghyuk x X Academy


Originally compiled by Hunnybin

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