Excitement Rises For iKON’s Imminent Comeback


iKON’s comeback was tentatively announced for January, but taught by previous experiences (the mysterious  fall comeback that never happened)  iKONICS were cautiously enthusiastic. However, it seems the comeback is real.

Yang Hyun Suk posted on his Instagram account a screenshot from the current shooting of iKON’S new title track featuring soft and unbelievably handsome looking Hanbin. With caption: “iKON‘s best ever new song. B.I’s lyrics and composition”.

It seems we have new music to look forward to in January. Get ready iKONICS it’s showtime.




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Credit: @icelycheetea

JTBC has been treating us well with releasing unaired clips of the iKON Picnic’s talent show, so let us present for your enjoyment the magic that is Chanwoo.

jtbc.ikonpicnic IG
credit: jtbc.ikonpicnic IG


Links to CHANWOO’s MAGIC SHOW Eng Sub:

Google Drive



– from the KiST members 




[KiST] iKON Japan Dome Tour 2017 DVD Eng Sub

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Credit: @icelycheetea

We are so very sorry for the delay but it is finally here! We wanted to release everything together so we present to you the iKON Japan Dome Tour 2017 DVD with English subtitles!


iKON Japan Dome Tour 2017 Movie

Dailymotion  psw: iKONICS
Google Drive


iKON Japan Dome Tour 2017 Encore


iKON Japan Dome Tour 2017: Love Me MV & Behind the Scenes

Dailymotion  psw: iKONICS
Google Drive


iKON Japan Dome Tour 2017 Documentary 

Dailymotion  psw: iKONICS

iKON Japan Dome Tour 2017 Met Life Collection

Dailymotion  psw: iKONICS

iKON Japan Dome Tour 2017 Concert

Dailymotion: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3  psw: iKONICS

NOTE: For copyright reasons we can’t upload some videos on Google Drive.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy!

syh0jf2 – from KiST team

Are You Ready to Run Away with Bobby?

Cr: YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment released the posters for Kim Bobby’s 2nd title track, “Runaway” and it hit us right in the feels!

Two days ago YGE dropped the teaser posters for the 1st title track from Bobby’s 1st Solo Album, “Love and Fall.” At that time iKONICs and the Kpop community in general were taken by surprise by the teaser’s soft imagery and the title of the song, “I Love You.”

Today’s posters shows imagery of Bobby on a beach with ruffled hair and casual clothes, his face in sharp profile against a moody sky. They are probably some of the most aesthetically pleasing posters YGE has ever released in relation to iKON and iKONICs are thrilled!

Cr: YG Entertainment

Even more importantly, this second teaser along with the first one and the album name are further indications that we are going to be seeing a more personal and emotional side of Bobby, whose real name is Jiwon, in this album.

Before now Bobby has been strongly associated with his fierce and charismatic stage presence, incredible performance energy and high tension, hard hitting rap style. 

True Bobby fans, however, have always been aware that the rapper fondly known as a Bunny within the fandom is as squishy inside as his beloved Winnie the Pooh bear!

Kim Bobby Jiwon is actually a talented and incredibly versatile rapper as well as a vocalist with an addictive vocal color and a player of multiple instruments. Though he is known more for his fiercer raps, his more emotional bars have given us some of his most unforgettable work.

Below are some threads worth exploring to find out more about Bobby’s Rap:

Cr: @reaIbobby

Cr: @bbking5

Cr: @ikonphile


We are on D7 of the countdown to the release of “Love and Fall.” Don’t forget to participate in a Bobby Project!!

You can join the Countdown project with @kontatoesgc here:

Let’s look forward to a glimpse into the heart of our Jiwonnie.

[KiST] BTS videos & A-nation 2016 from New Kids: Begin JP DVD

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Credit: @icelycheetea

Our first project is well underway and we are all working hard to get it to you as soon as possible! We’ve mentioned it in our introduction post and it is:


We proudly present to you these english subbed videos:

Dailymotion: Bday BTS  | Bling Bling BTS     psw: iKONICS
Google Drive: Bday BTS | Bling Bling BTS

Megaupload: Bday BTS | Bling Bling BTS

Update with:
3 A-nation 2016 stadium fes. (30分)

Dailymotion    psw: iKONICS
Google Drive


Look forward to the rest of the DVD since those will be uploaded very soon!

If anyone is having problems with downloading or watching on google drive, here’s a super easy tutorial:

syh0jf2– from the KiST members 

YGE’s Concert Attendances, Past and Future and iKON’s Important Role in it

Following yesterday’s news regarding iKON’s importance to YG Entertainment, a chart including artists from 2012-2017 and their held concerts has been posted by nbntv.co.kr (the NBN News website).

Regarding our interest, we can already see a pretty high attendance for our boys in 2016 and respectively 2017, in the solid gray areas.

Because of this achievement, it’s only natural that iKON are expected to hold more concerts in 2018, showing the importance of their contribution to the company. The expected attendance number for iKON’s concerts for  2018 is cca. 500k to 600k.

source: naver