iKON: RETURN pre-sale has started: Tips and bits on buying.


iKONICs get your wallets ready, your internet working and your credit cards out, it’s time to put our money where our mouth is (or, if not money, whatever else you can do!)

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Love Scenario – iKON’s new title track revealed at last!


Today, YGE at last revealed a title track for iKON’s 2nd Full Album Return to the joy and excitement of iKONICs all over the world.

Love Scenario is said to be a medium tempo emotional song with precise choreography that members practiced deep into the night to perfect.

Lyrics are by B.I,  Bobby and Motmal (a Korean poet) and composed by B.I, Millenium and 승 (a mysterious contributor).

Anticipation was already plenty but it is now dizzyingly high thanks to the information revealed – and why?

1. Ballad/MidTempo: if you are a fan of iKON you know how since Welcome Back the boys have continued to deliver on the slow tracks in multiple languages be it original tracks or Remixes!

Just Go

You and the Rain

Perfect Acapella

2. Choreography: iKON has never and probably will never fail on choreography wether it’s fast or slow, complex or simple, precise or adhoc! Plus have you seen them dance to slow songs??



Peng You

3. New Blood: With Millenium joining DoubleB at the composing helm we are truly getting a taste of YG’s young blood composers and a fresh sound from the company! Also there are contributions from a Poet in the lyrics and the mysterious 승

4. iKON: Seriously, it’s iKON!

iKON is scheduled to come back on January 25 and we are eagerly waiting for the full track list as well as schedule announcements for the comeback activities.

Is This Beauty Real? The Mystery of iKON’s Come Back MV

iKON’s official instagram account WithiKONIC released an image of Bobby today and in doing so finished the hashtag series: IsThisBeauty/LookReal that was kicked off on December 28th 2017 with a lovely picture of iKON maknae Jung Chanwoo seated in a Diner style couch gazing intently into his phone.

That picture was followed by mathyung Kim Jinhwan sending a finger heart and a flirtatious look from what looks like a changing room.

After this came Hyung line’s Song Yunhyeong with another finger heart but with a passionate feel.

Leader, Kim Hanbin saluted us next after a successful day of shooting.

At this point the series was interrupted by a behind the scenes shot from the MV set where the boys sit gathered together and chatting in their habitual way, giving off a warm feeling.

Then the series continued with the next maknae line member, Kim Donghyuk cutely nibbling on some kimbab.

Koo Junhoe rounds up the maknae line after this, also staring intently into his phone in a hard to identify location.

The recently rather elusive Kim Bobby, face half hidden with a hand sign was the final image.

iKONICs still have NO idea what the hashtag means (a song title? A refrain? A red herring?) but we wonder if we will finally be getting the much anticipated announcement of a Come Back date for the boys.

Till then we search the images for clues!

All we can say so far is that all images feature a soft aesthetic which is most probably a characeristic of the MV that they filmed. The boys are either dressed in boyfriend looks or heavily covered under quilted coats. They are also predominantly located at the “Diner/Cafe” setting so we have reason to believe the MV will definitely feature such a set.

Other clues we have received have come via VLive including Donghyuk providing a very tiny spoiler and Junhoe describing the MV as something similar to a “Musical.” Aside from these there was a heavily filtered image from what appears to be the MV Shoot posted on mouthpiece of YG, Yang Hyun Suk’s instagram.

The general aesthetic of the set and their looks combined with these clues that have been dropped have led iKONICs to speculate that the MV that was shot will either be a ballad or a mid-tempo track. This is exciting news for iKONICs as fandom favourites tend to fall under these categories.

Lets all hope the wait won’t be for too much longer for a Come Back date announcement and details along with the rolling out of a promotion cycle plan starting with Come Back Teasers.

Autumn comeback for iKON?

ikon Mv shoot
screenshot credit: sokismom

Yesterday, iKONICS got a bit of  a shock when @fromyg (Yang Hyun Suk Instagram) posted a 10 second soundless video taken at the iKON’s shoot for the new MV.

Short video is of June, in what seems to be a melancholy and subdued setting, leading the iKONICS to believe that the new song is a ballad.


After Yang Hyun Suk now infamous sentence that we shall laugh together in September and October, and considering that Bobby’s marvelous album Love and Fall came out in September, iKONICS are feeling cautiously optimistic.

However, complete lack of any kind of promotion for Bobby’s album is making many worry that once again no real effort will be made to promote iKON’s upcoming comeback.

We are not laughing just yet Mr. Yang Hyun Suk.

Give love to Bobby’s Beautiful MVs

screenshot credit: sokismom

Along with the phenomenal solo album, Love and Fall, yesterday Kim Bobby recently dropped two beautiful MVs for his title tracks I love you and Runaway.

I love you is deceptively cheerful song with a breezy, summery MV although it sings about the end of love.

Filmed in L.A, the MV is bursting with color and Bobby charms irresistibly with boyfriend cuteness.

There is also some serious rapping going on where Bobby showcases his different flows, accompanied by images of Bobby bopping and dancing before camera, displaying his natural movement and charisma.

I love you  – lyrics (translation credit Genius.com)

 We shared a life that wasn’t short
Our hearts matured
Rather than lovers, we were like family
Now whatever we do, feels like we already did it

Now our answers have become short
Feeling the difference in the weight of our hearts
Our silence forecasts the end
On our lukewarm night

You had high expectations
And I was really tired
Would we be different
If we understood each other a little more?

When you have to try in love
That already means it’s not love
With love without the butterflies
Only attachment remains

I love you
Still (girl)
I love you
I’m still in love with you girl
I’m still in love with you
(Yeh ye ye ye)

We lived our own lives
And on our way to each other
We already ran out of breath
Even though we missed each other
When we see each other, we’re busy grinding our teeth
You flip over your phone and you’re getting a call
Who is it? Why aren’t you picking up?
Then you say it’s nobody and just like that
Another secret forms

Worries seem like doubt
What if’s become reality, we’re both obsessing
No strength to talk out the misunderstandings
Just saying sorry
Before we noticed, we slowly grew apart
Because of that, we need to shout at each other now
In order for each other to hear
God girl, what do we do?

When you have to try in love
That already means it’s not love
With love without the butterflies
Only attachment remains

I love you
Still (girl)
I love you
I’m still in love with you girl
I’m still in love with you
(Yeh ye ye ye)

We still have a little bit of attachment
For each other so
I just wanna leave it like this

If this heart break is foolish
I’ll endure it for love
Because you used to only know me
Because I used to only know you

When you have to try in love
That already means it’s not love
With love without the butterflies
Only attachment remains

I love you
Good bye my love good bye
Good bye my love good bye
Good bye my love good bye
Good bye good bye

Good bye my love good bye
Good bye my love good bye
Good bye my love good bye
Good bye good bye

screenshot credit: sokismom


The second MV for the song Runaway was filmed a year ago and shows a more intimate story.

A more subdued, darker MV, it packs a strong emotional punch much like the song itself and the music style is reminiscent of old school hiphop .

Runaway is a song  about loosing yourself when burdened by responsibilities and life and finding balance between growing up and compromising and maintaining that childhood dream, of finding your new grown up self.

Runaway – lyrics (translation credit – Genius.com)

I wanna runaway
I wanna runaway
I wanna runaway

I’m tired of everything now
So I get mad at the smallest things
I’m on my way home alone and it’s noisy
But it’s only laughter that has nothing to do with me
So I keep my head low

I ran crazily, not knowing I became an adult
Trying to pretend I live without worries so my mom won’t get worried
When I get home, I wash up, turn off the lights and lay down
But now reality is heavier than dreams
So I can’t sleep, so I sing

In the mirror
It’s not the me I used to know
I want to chase after my dreams
But responsibility weighs down on my shoulders

If you see my swaying
Please take me away, far away
I wanna runaway
Yay ye yay ye

To a place where no one knows me
To a place where no one looks for me
Raise me up
I just can’t go on, take me away
I wanna runaway

I have a habit of thinking mistakes are failures
I don’t wanna fail so I keep stopping my efforts
Cuz I don’t wanna get hurt, I avoid new encounters
It’s better to cry alone, no need to be cautious

I lay on my bed but it doesn’t feel like home
I just wanna go far away
Even if the sun rises tomorrow, even if there’s hope
The words “good morning”
Mean nothing to me, so I sing

In the mirror
It’s not the me I used to know
I want to chase after my dreams
But responsibility weighs down on my shoulders

If you see my swaying
Please take me away, far away
I wanna runaway
Yay ye yay ye

To a place where no one knows me
To a place where no one looks for me
Raise me up
I just can’t go on, take me away
I wanna runaway

Oh nanana

My eyes in the mirror
My feet that broke down
The man in the mirror
Keeps looking at me, strangely

It’ll be alright
At the end of this wandering
The me that I will find
Is waiting Yeh ye
Yeh ye ye

I’ve lost my way
I can’t go on, I’m too tired
Please take me away
It’s hard to breathe
Yeh ye

I’ve lost my way
Please hold my hand
I don’t know why I’m here
I wanna runaway
I wanna runaway

To a place where no one knows me
To a place where no one looks for me
Raise me up
I just can’t go on, take me away
I wanna runaway

Bobby lonely
screenshot credit: sokismom

Both MVs are finally available on youtube for viewing after being re-uploaded several times and in the process loosing almost 1 000 000 views combined.

We know this incident discouraged the fandom but we need to do our best for Bobby and his amazing work.

Bobby didn’t give up, he kept trying until he got his music to us. We should not give up either and we should double our effort to stream and make up for the lost views. So let’s stream and promote Bobby’s MV’s on your social media.

Bobby Drops First Solo Album: LOVE and FALL

Seriously. We were not ready.

Stream on Melon and Naver

Buy it on iTunes

Album Analysis coming after we calm down.

SC Cr: @bbkings5

Bobby Brings the Boyfriend Feels On I Love You Teaser

Screencap Cr: Soki’s Mom

It’s D1 to LOVE AND FALL Album debut and YG has dropped the final MV Teaser in which Bobby tells us “I Love You” while annihilating us with premium Boyfriend visuals!

You would think we would be tired by now of speaking on how adorable, fluffy, cute and gorgeous Kim Bobby has been in these teasers leading up to his album release or how ear-wormy the track excerpts are – but NOPE!

If you ever wanted to imagine what a date with iKON’s Bobby as a boyfriend would be like, this would probably be the MV for you!

Screencap Cr: Soki’s Mom
Screencap Cr: Soki’s Mom
Screencap Cr: Soki’s Mom

It’s such a refreshing switch to see a side of Bobby we’ve only ever caught behind the scenes suddenly taking the spot light that we cannot quite get over it. 

Soft Bobby the fluffy bunny with deep and earnest lyrics but still riding that beat masterfully – it’s a Kim Jiwon fans never knew if they would be lucky enough to see.

AND WE LOVE THAT HE’S SINGING! We’ve always loved his husky tones that complimented tracks like “Airplane” and “Just Go” and to have an album from champion rapper Bobby where he’s mostly singing is a GIFT!

So back to the Teaser: for the title track “I Love You” we see Bobby playing alone under the deep blue sky of a California beach, bouncing on beds, diving in a backyard pool and laying back on the hood of a pretty, blue Mustang all to a trendy tropical house beat.

Screencap Cr: Soki’s Mom
Screencap Cr: Soki’s Mom
Screencap Cr: Soki’s Mom

The sound is light and even playful. His smile and glances are warm and intimate and the vibe is very chill. 
It’s surprising when you find out that the song is really a sad one about the end of a long term romance.



iKONICs are familiar with this kind of twist that iKON members seem fond of from songs like “Love Me” and “Welcome Back” and are strongly anticipating the full song and lyrics that will finally reveal the story of “I Love You”

Meanwhile the live countdown to Bobby’s album drop begins tomorrow at 4pm KST on VApp! 

Thank you to all the many fan sites and platforms who were able on such short notice to pull together various promotional Projects, Guides for iKONICs and Support! 

Let’s all do our best and support Bobby’s hard work as much as we can!

Watch the Teaser below!

Bobby’s Deeply Personal Runaway MV Teaser (+Love and Fall Listening Party!)

Bobby lonely
screenshot credit: sokismom

We apologise that this is late but we had a LOT of thoughts!

Earlier today the Video Teaser for “Runaway,” the second title track on Kim Bobby’s first solo album “Love and Fall” was released by YGE making an emotional mess out of all of us.

We knew this album was going to be an intimate look at not so much Bobby the stage eating monster rapper but at Kim Jiwon the artist behind him ~ knowing and seeing, however, are two different things.

From the Teaser’s opening with a Biblical verse, essentially a cry for help that is also a reflection of Bobby’s deeply spiritual side, you realize immediately that we are getting access to a Bobby we’ve only seen glimpses of from behind the scenes.

screenshot credit: sokismom

From Bobby perched high on an overpass in his adopted hometown of Fairfax, VA, a pair of sneakers dangling beside him which we later see engulfed in flames – to Bobby running in slow motion through an overlapping image of himself and cars with lighted headlights literally rain down above him –  The Runaway teaser packs an emotional as well as visually stunning wallop for something that’s just 32 seconds long.

falling cars screenshot credit: sokismom
Strong images of alienation, solitude  and even desperation followed by the refrain of wanting to run away in Bobby’s soulful, raspy vocal accompanied by simple guitar chords leaves you with a melancholic feeling and a desire for more that is perfect for the incoming colder seasons.

It had a big impact on our team and as can be imagined it has had a big impact on fans.

Screencap Cr: Indigo Radio
In a Naver article Bobby is quoted for saying:


Anyone can relate to the story of Runaway. I don’t think there is anyone who has not felt at some point overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities and wanted to get away from it all even if it’s just for a little bit.

Anyone who knows Bobby’s journey from a lonely 14 yr old who came to Korea on his own to pursue his dreams and save his family from financial struggle – anyone who has watched his fights, his failures, his victories and his continuing struggle can understand why Bobby would sometimes want to run away.

It’s not even his first time writing about how hopeless the quest and heavy the burden is of the path he chose.

In the end Bobby didn’t run away. He hung in there and battled and thanks to that we get to see the man he is becoming today and we will soon hear his heart.

He’s going to make us all cry and I cannot wait.

The ball is already officially rolling on the arrival of Love and Fall as today Bobby sat in with members of the Press for a Listening Party!

We’re already seeing and hearing good things XD

Finally on D-Day lucky fans will get to join the audience for the V-Live Countdown happening with Bobby!

Foreign Friends in foreign lands are not as lucky but let’s all tune in for the VApp Countdown  Live on Sept 14th at 6pm KST and give Jiwon all our love!

We know he deserves it!




Image montage credit: @automatic_bobby

When it rains it pours! After dropping that video teaser with the son of Poseidon aka Bobby that got our minds blown, here come more stuff, album and preorder details.

Bobby’s full length solo album will have two gorgeous versions. Love version in blue and Fall version in orange.



Each version of the album comes with a gorgeous hard cover photobook.


And in true YGE fashion when it comes to iKON and spoilers they spoiled the possible track list when posting sticker images for the album (now deleted). Sharp eyed iKONICs missed nothing.


Preorder details:


International fans can already preorder on:



You can read more about the album and teaser on Naver. Translation provided by the lovely ladies of @KONNECTED_ .






YGE just dropped the video teaser for Bobby’s Love and Fall Album and we are having conniptions!

It’s bright, Bobby’s cute but he’s also hot?? He’s vocalizing but he doesn’t say much but also we’re nominating him for a Grammy? 

He jumped in a pool and came out dry!! Kim Bobby can do all things!

Sorry but we’re too emotional to be coherent! This is really happening! There are tears on the keyboard!!!!

Here’s the link, you tell us what you think: