iKON TV ends with a gift fan song


Yesterday,  iKON TV season 1 (forgive the optimistic writer I am just putting this out there) ended with ep. 11 directed by iKON’s June.

To commemorate the ending of iKON TV members went on a bonding trip all dressed as June doing things June could never do due to his fear of water and high places,  like race on water obstacles, ride on a super fast water float and even bungee jump. In the end June got to experience things through his fellow members and we got supremely entertained once again.

ikon tv2


But in the end, what brought tears to eyes of a many iKONICs was not the ending of iKON TV but a beautiful gift of a fan song “Give it to you” composed by Hanbin and sang by all 7 members.

Here is the fan song subbed by KiST members so you can fully enjoy the touching, heartfelt lyrics.


Thank you iKON for giving us 11 Saturdays of fun and laughter!


How Bobby Made a 6 Year Old’s Day!

It started with a whimsical Birthday wish by a 6 year old from an extraordinary family; and by extraordinary I mean the famous #TeamKramer of the Philippines consisting of a Basketball Player Dad, an Actress Mom and three spunky and adorable kids who as a family have become social media darlings of the the Philippines with a following in the millions!

Earlier today young Scarlett Kramer informed her parents over dinner that she wanted iKON’s Bobby to perform at her 7th birthday party. It was not an odd request as before now the family have proven to be huge fans of iKON’s music and the children have been known to rock out with their parents to Bling Bling on their morning school runs – talk about motivational music! Love Scenario, iKON’s most recent mega hit, has also received a lot of love from them.







































































When Scarlett made her request, like a true fan she was specific about the song, asking for “Saranghae” (I Love You) the title track off Bobby’s 2017 first solo album, “Love and Fall.”

Rather than laugh off her request her parents took to social media to make a heartfelt request to Bobby to come to the Philippines and perform at their daughter’s 7th Birthday. In the same video Scarlet shed cute tears to prove her conviction and Team Kramer fans were asked to help the message go viral so it would reach Bobby in South Korea.





















If the little Scarlett’s tears were not enough to move your stony heart then prepare yourselves as the story grows even more heart warming. Not even up to an hour later Bobby’s put a message up on Instagram Live! It was his response to Scarlett! In it he sings her a birthday song personally with the help of fellow iKON member Donghyuk and sends her heartfelt birthday wishes!



















As you can imagine the family of fans were besides themselves with shock and delight that reverberated throughout the iKONIC fandom! Everyone experienced the duality of well wishing and envy of that sweet little girl who got Bobby’s personal birthday wish!
















The happy go lucky family was quick to record a response from the kids thanking Bobby and sending love!














Finally as if to prove the cultural relevance of this special family the entire thing was reported almost immediately by ABS-CBN News, one of the biggest TV Networks/News portals in the Philippines.












And so the sweetest little drama began and ended in less than an hour and one is left wondering along with Pinoy iKONICs if this could be the start of a real push to finally see iKON perform in the Philippines. If such a dream could come true we already know which famous family will be in the front row!

I wasn’t crying while typing this you were.


Little Scarlett’s IG letter to Bobby:

(Cr: @meowbinn on tw)

Which Bobby wasted no time in liking!










As of the time of publishing this news app reared on the following News sites:

















And Bobby was still trending in the Philippines!

(Cr: @chanwoosbae on tw)

(Cr. For Sources: @Ms_Cyndie on Tw).

The Surprise in Love Scenario’s Audience Demographics

Love Scenario has become a surprise hit, topping the charts for more then 20 days.

Everyone noted the consistently high number of Unique Listeners and high percentage of male listeners on Melon – both uncommon for an idol boy group.


But there is also another phenomenon going on with Love Scenario as it is slowly becoming evident that the song has captured the hearts of a demographic not listed on the Melon chart.

There is a growing number of babies, toddlers and little kids jamming to Love Scenario in South Korea.  iKON seems to have captured the hearts of the purest demographic out there.

Special thanks to @ikinghanbin for collecting all those videos of little kids, check out their thread it is chock full of little cuties singing and dancing to Love Scenario.

Enjoy this amazing compilation of  little kids appreciating Love Scenario.

Video credit:Bamboo Phatht

iKON recently surpassed 100 hourly Perfect All Kills after taking back the top spot from newly released hits on the Korean Charts in their 3rd week of charting. An unprecedented achievement!

Is This Beauty Real? The Mystery of iKON’s Come Back MV

iKON’s official instagram account WithiKONIC released an image of Bobby today and in doing so finished the hashtag series: IsThisBeauty/LookReal that was kicked off on December 28th 2017 with a lovely picture of iKON maknae Jung Chanwoo seated in a Diner style couch gazing intently into his phone.

That picture was followed by mathyung Kim Jinhwan sending a finger heart and a flirtatious look from what looks like a changing room.

After this came Hyung line’s Song Yunhyeong with another finger heart but with a passionate feel.

Leader, Kim Hanbin saluted us next after a successful day of shooting.

At this point the series was interrupted by a behind the scenes shot from the MV set where the boys sit gathered together and chatting in their habitual way, giving off a warm feeling.

Then the series continued with the next maknae line member, Kim Donghyuk cutely nibbling on some kimbab.

Koo Junhoe rounds up the maknae line after this, also staring intently into his phone in a hard to identify location.

The recently rather elusive Kim Bobby, face half hidden with a hand sign was the final image.

iKONICs still have NO idea what the hashtag means (a song title? A refrain? A red herring?) but we wonder if we will finally be getting the much anticipated announcement of a Come Back date for the boys.

Till then we search the images for clues!

All we can say so far is that all images feature a soft aesthetic which is most probably a characeristic of the MV that they filmed. The boys are either dressed in boyfriend looks or heavily covered under quilted coats. They are also predominantly located at the “Diner/Cafe” setting so we have reason to believe the MV will definitely feature such a set.

Other clues we have received have come via VLive including Donghyuk providing a very tiny spoiler and Junhoe describing the MV as something similar to a “Musical.” Aside from these there was a heavily filtered image from what appears to be the MV Shoot posted on mouthpiece of YG, Yang Hyun Suk’s instagram.

The general aesthetic of the set and their looks combined with these clues that have been dropped have led iKONICs to speculate that the MV that was shot will either be a ballad or a mid-tempo track. This is exciting news for iKONICs as fandom favourites tend to fall under these categories.

Lets all hope the wait won’t be for too much longer for a Come Back date announcement and details along with the rolling out of a promotion cycle plan starting with Come Back Teasers.

A trot cart and a voice that couldn’t leave my mind: my story with iKON.

I can tell you the exact time and place where iKON came into my life.

I was almost twenty and on a spontaneous, quarter-life crisis trip to Seoul. It was my second time, but my first time as an adult, which meant no one to hold my hand or tell me I was spending too much money on Etude House cosmetics.

There I was, barely five foot and in my favourite pleated skirt, on the way back from visiting a Shinsegae in Gwanak-gu. There was a stain on my turtleneck from eating bibimbap too quickly. I’m pretty sure I was trying to rub it clean, waiting for the traffic lights to change, when I heard it:

“익숙한 스킨쉽에도 심장이 뛰고
신경 쓰여 괜히.”

The light flickered green and nameless faces filtered around me, but I was stuck on that voice. When the crowd cleared I traced the footpath, to where a vendor sat, set outside a few shop fronts. It was an old man with leathery skin and a kind smile, and set up in boxes were CDs I didn’t recognise. Trot singers that I didn’t know. But overhead, he played iKON. And that much I knew.

Who hadn’t heard of iKON? At that time it was April 2016 and they had just debuted into the world like a hurricane of seven boys, seven talents, seven wonders.

Although I had seen them since WIN, knew of every time they were knocked down and each time they stood tall again, it was never personal. But thanks to an elderly trot CD salesman with a toothy smile, iKON became personal to me.

If I could go back and thank that salesman, I would. Because through all my years of being a K-Pop fan, from 2011 until now, I have never known that loving a group could be so easy. Like breathing.

It’s true, that not every moment is black and white, a lot are pale greys and uncertain shades. But the moments of vibrant red, of iKON smiling and iKONICS smiling back, those are the moments that make everything worth it.

So here I am, a writer, a dancer, a reader, a supporter, but most importantly, an iKONIC and the new Kony’s Island member.

I am excited to be a part of a movement that promotes positive content for iKON, and you’ll probably see me behind a lot fluff pieces, feature articles and stories that highlight not only iKON’s influence, but iKONICS talent and commitment.

Are you ready? Showtime!

iKON fan art – the youngest iKON fanartist

Love for iKON is not limited by age, we saw entire families, from grandparents to tiny little kids, attending iKON concerts in Japan and it is time to let one of those young fans say a thing or two about their love for iKON. As last for this year in our iKON fan art series we bring you the youngest iKON fanartist, Soki.

Tell us  a bit about yourself?

Mom you know me.

We are doing an interview, pretend I am not your mom. Just tell me your name and stuff. 

My name is Sonja, everyone calls me Soki. I am 11 years old. I go to school and I draw comics just like my dad.

How did you become an iKONIC?

Because of you.

Say a litte bit more about it.

My mom and dad listen to lot of music and I listen to it too. I like Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age and iKON. I  also really, really like BIGBANG and 2ne1 since when I was a child because you listened to them.

You are still a child. 

When I was a little child. I especially liked Taeyang because he looks like my dad.

He really does not (unfortunately).

He does too. I also love 2ne1 and I was really sad when you told me they broke up. Their last song was very sad and I cried. I don’t like sad songs, they make me cry. Than you started to listen to iKON and they have puppies in their videos and I like that a lot, and they love animals and Bobby is a bunny and they are very funny…

Easy there tiger, slow down. I need to write all this down.



I want to be a puppy not a tiger.

OK?! What is your favorite iKON song or a moment? 

Dumb and Dumber is the best song ever  but I am not allowed to play it more than five times in a row. I like also Bomb with Psy, Bobby and Hanbin but it does not have a video and that makes me sad. They should make a video and have puppies in it. Dumb and Dumber video has two puppies in it, TWO!! Also B-day!

Anything else you specially love about iKON, like something they did and said?

I like that TV show Hanbin and Jinhwan did with animals, that was the best. Bobby said he is iKONs bunny there, that was funny. You should buy me a goat.

Yes, Mari and I was great. I am not buying you a goat. We are over the goat discussion. 

Then bunny, I should have a bunny and his name would be Bobby. You would like that too. Right, a bunny Bobby. I really need one.

No bunny. We have a mental cat that would give that bunny a heart attack in 5 minutes tops. No more animals in this house. You have a dog and a cat enough is enough. 

…but Bobby bunny…


Ok. We can talk about it later…

Why do I have the feeling I lost all control of this interview. How did you become an iKON fanartist?

What’s a fanartist?

Someone who draws iKON like you. When did you start drawing iKON?

I’m a fanartist. Cool. I started drawing iKON when I was a child.

You are still a chil….yeah . You were 9 when you started  drawing iKON OK.

Yes, when I was a child. I was not good then as I am now. I am better now at drawing.

Why did you start to draw them?

Because they are funny and I like them, and you like them, and we like them together.

Oh, baby!

I am not a baby mom, you are embarrassing.

You haven’t been doing a lot of iKON drawing lately, why is that?

I am very busy with school. You make me do all this hard work, like do my homework, brush my teeth and all that… I just don’t have time for my art. Stop laughing mom,  it is really not that funny, it is sad, and it is all your fault you make me do all that homework… STOP LAUGHING!!

Ok, ok. Is there a particular member, ship or a theme you love to draw?

Why are you talking about ships? I don’t like boats. Why are you so weird?

Who in iKON do you like to draw the most?

Ohhh, Hanbin and Bobby. Bobby is Hanbin’s bunny. That is so funny, I love that. You love Bobby and Hanbin too mom, right? You have all these photos on your computer of them shirtle…

Yeah OK. We don’t need to share everything. 


Also June, cause he is very funny, and Chanwoo because he is cute and has a Husky in Dumb and Dumber video, and Jinhwan because he is small, and Dong because he is pretty and Yoyo cause he cooks and is pretty too…


Is there a favorite drawing of iKON you did and why is it your favorite.soki153

It is my drawing of iKON as My Little Pony characters. I got to give them all a beauty mark. That was fun and then your friend,  made me a pencil bag out of it. She draws Jinhwan very pretty, your nice friend and made stickers too. He looks so cute and he is shorter then me.


No he is not, and yes @icelycheetea spoiled you with that bag. 

Well, he will be.


I was talking mom, stop interrupting me. Than your super nice friend made me my pencil bag and I keep all my drawing stuff in it, and I took it to school and everyone was all oooooooooohhhh. You should buy me a konbat.

Wait what, no. I am not buying you a konbat so you can hit your friend in school. No, we are not discussing this again. 

Konbat is all red, and pretty and shiny and he touched my pencil bag and deserves to be hit.

Konbat is not for hitting people, we had this talk before.

It looks like a bat mom, really (insert eye roll).

Do you publish your work anywhere?

You put it on that iKON place (OneHallyu) when I do something and send it to your friends. You do not let me go on line alone because you said “it is full of nasty people that want to talk to little kids and shouldn’t”.  I am not a little kid but I still don’t want to talk to nasty people so you just show it to other iKONICS, OK.

Thank you for talking to me!

You are my mom , not like I can say no. Duh…

Anything to add?

iKON will come back soon (my mom said) and I hope they have more puppies in their videos or bees, I like bees and that dinosaur dance was amazing!!! waengwaeng

Enjoy more of Soki’s  drawings

soki strip075

soki strip 2076

soki strip4

Oh, mommmmm I was little when I drew this, it is not good. Why are you so embarrassing.




All Things Relating to Naver Tutorials & Resources including a Database of Korean Phrases

With iKON’s comeback soon approaching, in collaboration with Konsquad, we decided to compile tutorials for creating Naver accounts through the App and the Web, what to do when we get an iKON article, as well as Korean phrases (document here) that can be used when leaving a positive comment for the boys on Naver articles, V-app, and IG.

Continue reading All Things Relating to Naver Tutorials & Resources including a Database of Korean Phrases

iKON fundraising project – it is time to donate!


iKON’s comeback is approaching!  You wish you could do more for iKON! You wish they were promoted better in Korea!

Now you can do something about it!

Amazing ladies at Konvergence have started their first iKON fundraising project on fanmaum (Korean Celeb Supporting App) whose goal is to raise funds to purchase a bus wrapping with iKON image that will drive around Seoul for 15 days.



The way fanmaum works is that they use hearts as currency, by donating hearts or purchasing hearts to donate you help the project achive its goal. You can purchase hearts using paypal or a credit card (1USD=1100 hearts) and if you can’t afford to buy hearts, you can log in daily to gain free hearts from the attendance checker and than use them to support this project. If you don’t have access to PayPal or a credit card, DM @konvergenceINTL  for assistance on twitter.

There is also an award for donators/participants in the project:


As well as freebies that will be given away by KONvergence at saranghaeyo Indonesia:


They need to reach their goal in time for iKON’s comeback so don’t wait until the last minute to donate. Every single heart/donation counts!!!

Link to the project: iKONICS4IKON



2nd Anniversary Chill and Vlive with iKON

SC Cr: Indigo Radio

On Sept 15th, iKON celebrated their 2nd Anniversary by warmly meeting with fans via V Live.

Despite having flown into Japan that day followed by a long bus ride to Nagano, the venue for the Concert scheduled for the next day, the boys made a concerted and much appreciated effort to appear before fans on their special day.

The boys couldn’t quite disguise their travel fatigue and Bobby who just released his solo debut album the day before was still en route to Japan and so wasn’t present. Despite it all the boys showed a cheerful spirit and teased each other a lot.

If you are a long time fan of iKON you know that wether their broadcast is a hyper one or a chill one there are certain staples you can expect:

– A Flow of Consciousness discussion style

– Dragging each other

– Teasing one member or the other

– Digressing


– A LOT of helpless giggling/laughing

– Unconscious affectionate moments

– Candidness

– General silliness

– The feeling of being part of a group of childhood friends

This is iKON’s style and their great charm.

The highlights of iKON’s 2nd Anniversary Greeting included:

– Congratulating Bobby on his album, and Donghyuk singing an excerpt from ‘Secret’.

– Yunhyeong’s skin condition since returning from the Jungle (not great😂)

– Chanwoo’s low participation rate in group activities and shyness at bath houses (to get them to stop teasing him he had to threaten to expose them all😆)

– Hanbin’s favorite song in Bobby’s album is “Swim” but when iKON sang it it turned into a song about Yunhyeong’s beard?

– Donghyuk shows his 7 piercings which represent iKON 

– Jinhwan brings up taking things slow and lasting long and Hanbin let’s us know that this is also his principle for pooping

– The boys talk about their iKON rings: only Junhoe and Dong are wearing theirs and the rest give their excuses😅

– Junhoe’s knowledge of members birthdays is tested: he only remembers Dong’s but members praise him because his margin of error has greatly reduced

– The boys express wishes to be with iKONICs for thousands or even millions of years and hold concerts in heaven😂
They rounded up their VApp so they could have an even more intimate one with fans on their Plus Channel.

You can watch this 2nd Anniversary broadcast on their regular channel with Eng subs now.


iKON held two Concerts in Nagano yesterday and are scheduled to hold 3 fan meetings in Osaka tomorrow.

Bobby participated in both Concerts then flew back to South Korea for pre recordings for his Inkigayo stage. When done he will rejoin the rest of iKON for the Osaka fan meets tomorrow (please take care, Bobby!)

We wish the boys love, good health, success and prosperity going forward in all their various activities.

Happy Konn2versary❤️

Photo Cr: YGEX

Bling Bling brought a talented fan to the iKON yard

We are branching out people. This time on iKON fan art we have a lovely new iKONIC and fan artist @namekyu0726 from China. Her art ranges from gorgeous realistic paintings to most adorable chibi art. But we shall let @namekyu0726 and her art speak for themselves. 1

How did you become an iKONIC?

Bling Bling is such a good song, and B-DAY makes me feel happy. iKON’s music style is my type! So i searched for iKON videos, such as their concerts, DVD, M&M. In the end, I fell for BOBBY who is my type!!!! I think I fell in love with iKON. And I love Double-B getting along with someone. So I become an iKONIC.


Everyone falls in love with Bobby at least a little bit; he is a huge stan attractor. Tell me; what is your favorite iKON song or a moment?

Bling Bling & B-day are my favorite songs, because through these songs I got to know iKON. I love boys love them, I really like Double-B having fun with each other.kkkkkkkkkkkk  But I know they are best friends. kkkkkkkkk

When news report good news about them, I feel so happy!!I am proud of iKON.


A new fan and such a talented one, I am so happy you joined our fandom. How did you become an iKON fan artist?

I am majoring in painting, because I like iKON I wanted to draw their life by my hand.


And you are doing such a great job. Is art something you do just as a hobby or are you a professional artist?

Since I was young, I began to learn painting. So painting is not only my work, but it is also my hobby.

What inspires your fan art?

People loving my artwork, this is the best way to inspire me!

Is there a particular member, ship or a theme you love to draw?

In iKON, my favorite member is BOBBY, so BOBBY often appears in my artwork.


A fellow Bobby stan. I love your cute drawings of Bobby and so does my daughter who is another Bobby/DoubleB stan. You appeal transcends age! Where do you usually publish your work and where can we look you up?

Because I am Chinese, so my favourite network medium is Weibo , but i also have twitter & ins.

My Weibo ID is :@你里kim大爷

My twitter ID is:@namekyu0726

ins ID:@namkyu19980726

I often put my artwork in Weibo and Twitter,but some artwork only put in Weibo.

You get a lot of reaction and feedback for your work from other fans. Was there anything someone said that was negative? I think everyone loves fan art and fan artist, I never saw anything negative ever said under a fan art post. Is my impression right?

No one said anything that really stayed with me, but I don’t care this. I think everyone has their life, they are transient visitors in my life. But I have received some negative comments under fan art post. In this world, there are kind people but also hateful people. So, we should keep in our mind not to become the bad people.

Oh, wow! I did not expect this answer. I guess miserable people can hate even something as cheerful and positive as your fan art. Is there any particular illustration or comic you drew that is special to you and that you would like to share with us? Tell us why is it special?

This picture is special to me, because this picture is my first time to draw fanart. This boy is Infinite leader SungKyu.


This is another special picture for me as it is the first time I drew BOBBY.


Was your art ever used without your permission or plagiarised? How do you prevent things like that from happening.

Yes, my artwork was used without my permission and plagiarised.

I am a rational person. I will look for them to explain their reasons.

Your art has a chance to reach iKON members or people close to them, thus giving you the satisfaction of reaching your idol in a way most of fans can only dream off.

I don’t think I am closer to iKON than any other iKONIC, we are all in it together equally.

My artwork can make people happy, and this is my dream.

I am positive that your art has made many an iKONIC happy! How could it not, as it is downright adorable. 

This was @namekyu0726, a talented new iKONIC with a soft spot for Double B, give her a lot of love and enjoy more of her delightful art.