Bobby spotted filming for variety in Busan

Bobby was spotted today in Busan filming a new variety show  MBC’s All Broadcasts of the World with Dara, Noh Sa Yeon, Lee Moo Song and Dindin. The variety will air  sometime in February.

All Broadcasts of the World is a reality show in which cast members document the behind the scenes of popular shows while they are being filmed.

Bobby was seen out and about interacting with the public and looking adorably surprised at being recognized.

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This is the third variety confirmed for iKON for this comeback after Knowing Bros and Weekly Idol. There is also indications (now deleted YHS Instagram post) that an iKON member will appear on King of Mask Singer. Is there a particular variety you would like to see iKON on? Let us know and let  Instagram user @fromyg know too, he seems to be taking in fan wishes.


iKON is stunning in a BTS video of a star 1 photo shoot


Star 1 magazine has released their behind the scenes video of the iKON’s photo shoot for their February issue.

You can watch the full video on Naver

The behind the scenes video of the photo shoot gives us a mature, sophisticated and very much grown up iKON that dazzles with stunning visuals.


bobby star 1








This is a new, more grown up era for iKON. Do not miss their comeback on January 25 at 6PM KST.




iKON’s official Instagram account withikonic posted the announcement for their comeback vlive “KONFIDENTIAL NIGHT” that will air on January 24 at 11PM KST.

New album and MV release is on January 25 at 6PM KST.

Please do not re upload the MV. Share the links to the MV and watch it only from official sources.


Get Ready – first goal for iKON’s come back is 4 million MV views

Get ready iKONICS we have our first goal for iKON’s come back.

The lovely people at @KONVIEW have set the goal for LOVE SCENARIO MV at 4 million views on YouTube within first 24 hours.

It might seem like a lot but for the first time we have only one MV to focus on and since before now we’ve done more numbers combined for two MVs we can definitely do it!

Just make sure to follow the instructions provided by KONVIEW.


Remember YouTube views count in Music show ranking.
iKON will come back to us with their 2nd full album “Return” on January 25th, also known as iKONIC’s new Christmas (just kidding). Please anticipate it!

Covers for iKON’s second album “Return” revealed

Covers for the iKON’s new album Return were revealed today. Album comes in two versions red and black in the form of a hard cover book containing one CD disc and 120 pages photo book.

Image credit:


If you are wondering what is written on the CD itself it is Bobby’s narration from the teaser trailer.

iKONICS are eagerly awaiting pre order information for the physical album. iKON’s album is scheduled for release on January 25 at 6PM KST.


First variety appearances for iKON’s come back announced

JTBC confirmed today that BIGBANG’s Seungri and iKON will appear on the Knowing Bros. Filming is scheduled for January 25, the day of iKON’s come back.

This is great news as iKON members themselves are big fans of the show and expressed their desire to guest there on numerous occasions.

Besides Knowing Bros, iKON will be filming their second guesting on Weekly Idol and the Weekly Idol call center will be open from January 17th 12PM KST to January 18th  12PM KST, during that time fans can call and ask for things they want iKON to do on the show.

Things are looking promising for this come back, and it seems that YHS promise, one he made on his Instagram account, of fulfilling iKONICS’ wishes for promotion is on its way to be fulfilled.

Love Scenario – iKON’s new title track revealed at last!


Today, YGE at last revealed a title track for iKON’s 2nd Full Album Return to the joy and excitement of iKONICs all over the world.

Love Scenario is said to be a medium tempo emotional song with precise choreography that members practiced deep into the night to perfect.

Lyrics are by B.I,  Bobby and Motmal (a Korean poet) and composed by B.I, Millenium and 승 (a mysterious contributor).

Anticipation was already plenty but it is now dizzyingly high thanks to the information revealed – and why?

1. Ballad/MidTempo: if you are a fan of iKON you know how since Welcome Back the boys have continued to deliver on the slow tracks in multiple languages be it original tracks or Remixes!

Just Go

You and the Rain

Perfect Acapella

2. Choreography: iKON has never and probably will never fail on choreography wether it’s fast or slow, complex or simple, precise or adhoc! Plus have you seen them dance to slow songs??



Peng You

3. New Blood: With Millenium joining DoubleB at the composing helm we are truly getting a taste of YG’s young blood composers and a fresh sound from the company! Also there are contributions from a Poet in the lyrics and the mysterious 승

4. iKON: Seriously, it’s iKON!

iKON is scheduled to come back on January 25 and we are eagerly waiting for the full track list as well as schedule announcements for the comeback activities.