iKON confirmed to perform at K-Pop World Festa – Idol Passion Concert

iKON has been invited to perform at the K-Pop World Festa – Idol Passion Concert in Changwon on the 10th of February. This will be one of the first concert performances fans will see from iKON after their comeback on the 25th of January this month.

The festival is pioneered by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which brings together cover groups from all over the world to perform and celebrate Korean culture through K-Pop.




The boys will be performing alongside BTOB, EXID and JBJ.

For ticket information, visit this website. For their homepage, visit here.


iKON drops full 12 song tracklist for Return

Earlier on today, YG Entertainment released the long-awaited tracklist for iKON’s upcoming second album, ‘Return’. The tracklist contains eight songs and four ‘SPECIAL BONUS TRACKS’, which equals a total of twelve tracks.

Some of the songs featured are the title track, which we already know as ‘사랑을 했다 (Love Scenario)’, as well as B.I’s second official solo, ‘돗대 (One and Only)’.

Songs that are already highly appreciated and loved are included in the album, such as ‘Just Go’ and ‘Love Me’ (Now ‘나를 사랑하지 않아요? (Love Me)’). These tracks have already been performed throughout iKON’s tours in Japan. Fans will also be able to hear new versions of their pre-adored songs ‘시노시작’  and ‘Long Time No See’ from Mix and Match.

All tracks involve lyrics, production or arrangement from members Bobby and B.I, with some familiar names arising in the credits. Fellow YG member PSY joins the boys to write lyrics, compose and arrange ‘Everything’. Tablo of Epik High joins iKON to compose and arrange ‘안아보자 (Hug Me)’.

Also seen on the tracklist are members of Future Bounce, who have been credited for their work in iKON’s previous tracks ‘Airplane’ and ‘Dumb & Dumber’, returning to produce ‘Best Friend’. As well as producer Choice37, who has worked closely with iKON in the past for ‘My Type (취향저격)’ and making a remix version of ‘Anthem‘.

Also appearing is YG’s own Teddy, who we have seen involved in the production of songs for 2NE1 and BlackPink.

The album will be released on the 25th of January at 6PM KST.

iKON releases teaser film for second full album ‘RETURN’.

On the 5th of January, iKON released a one-minute teaser film for their second album, titled ‘RETURN’.


The short film, which was released on Instagram, YouTube and VLIVE, contains the seven members with a suburban retro feel and an R&B track playing in the background. Also heard is a voiceover by member Bobby, who says:

“Is there any point in clinging to the things that pass on by and change without any warning.
Those things that will disappear anyways — and I’ll end up even losing myself while chasing those things.
When I close my eyes and draw out my dreams,
When I dance and sing,
I feel alive.
If I were to live this life all over again,
I’d live out this same day.
If I could feel the excitement of that very first time once again.
Nothing’s changed.
We’ve just gotten swept up in the passing of time.
You, me, and us.
We still exist in the same place.
Now, I send this airplane off into the sky.
The new kids return.”

[Trans credit: ikonOT7]


At this stage, it is unclear what the annotation means, but it is certain that there is a story to be told. During Jinhwan and June’s ‘KJH 섹시한 한 해 보내세요’ VLIVE, June stated that their recently filmed music video has an overall “musical” feel.

“The overall concept of the music video seemed very much like a musical to me,” June said.

“Like a fairytale, a drama.”

“The feeling of California and LA,” Jinhwan said. “[The music video] feels like a Santa Monica beach.”

Nevertheless, iKONICS were given plenty to theorise over, including black and white and inverted colour scenes, cracked mirrors, flocks of flying birds, paper airplanes, fleeting shots of their concert and the seven members standing in the middle of a field. With this being their second album since Welcome Back in 2015, fans can see a new side of iKON through a full tracklist and Korean promotions.

The comeback date is set to be released next week.


A trot cart and a voice that couldn’t leave my mind: my story with iKON.

I can tell you the exact time and place where iKON came into my life.

I was almost twenty and on a spontaneous, quarter-life crisis trip to Seoul. It was my second time, but my first time as an adult, which meant no one to hold my hand or tell me I was spending too much money on Etude House cosmetics.

There I was, barely five foot and in my favourite pleated skirt, on the way back from visiting a Shinsegae in Gwanak-gu. There was a stain on my turtleneck from eating bibimbap too quickly. I’m pretty sure I was trying to rub it clean, waiting for the traffic lights to change, when I heard it:

“익숙한 스킨쉽에도 심장이 뛰고
신경 쓰여 괜히.”

The light flickered green and nameless faces filtered around me, but I was stuck on that voice. When the crowd cleared I traced the footpath, to where a vendor sat, set outside a few shop fronts. It was an old man with leathery skin and a kind smile, and set up in boxes were CDs I didn’t recognise. Trot singers that I didn’t know. But overhead, he played iKON. And that much I knew.

Who hadn’t heard of iKON? At that time it was April 2016 and they had just debuted into the world like a hurricane of seven boys, seven talents, seven wonders.

Although I had seen them since WIN, knew of every time they were knocked down and each time they stood tall again, it was never personal. But thanks to an elderly trot CD salesman with a toothy smile, iKON became personal to me.

If I could go back and thank that salesman, I would. Because through all my years of being a K-Pop fan, from 2011 until now, I have never known that loving a group could be so easy. Like breathing.

It’s true, that not every moment is black and white, a lot are pale greys and uncertain shades. But the moments of vibrant red, of iKON smiling and iKONICS smiling back, those are the moments that make everything worth it.

So here I am, a writer, a dancer, a reader, a supporter, but most importantly, an iKONIC and the new Kony’s Island member.

I am excited to be a part of a movement that promotes positive content for iKON, and you’ll probably see me behind a lot fluff pieces, feature articles and stories that highlight not only iKON’s influence, but iKONICS talent and commitment.

Are you ready? Showtime!