iKON: RETURN Jinhwan and Junhwe teasers are out

We got a lot of new things in a very short span of time. Let’s get right into it.


The first thing I noticed, apart from Jinhwan’s gorgeous face, was his voice. It’s an amazing voice, we know this, but there was something new about it. It sounded fuller, even smoother than usual and the falsetto was flawless. Hanbin truly wasn’t kidding when he said they all improved, and Junhwe was not the exception, keep scrolling to see Junhwe’s teasers!

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Junhwe was stunning and truly refreshing. As a power vocal, he takes care of the impact, the shock along with his characteristic roughness, but this time his voice was mixed with something else. It had the deep tones he’s so known in iKON for, but instead of roughness he sounded silky smooth and relaxed. So far we’ve only seen two member teasers, but I’m pretty sure the change in his singing in this album will be the particularly interesting.


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Stream and download tutorial: Genie and Melon

It’s time to get to work. We bring you, along with @kon_squad, the tutorial for proper streaming and how to download on Genie and Melon.

Please make sure to check out this entire thread for extra information about MELON STREAMING. There you can find: 1) How To Turn Off Cache 2) How To Check Remaining Streams for Coupon/Limited Streaming 3) How To Check Remaining Song Downloads and expiry for Unlimited Streaming

Let’s get into it.


  1. Stream on Genie and create a playlist
  2. How to check how many Genie streams you have left
  3. How to clear Genie history


  1. Stream on Melon
  2. How to create a playlist on Melon
  3. How to download songs on Melon

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iKON RETURN: Love Scenario teaser is out


It’s D-3 until the release of iKON’s new full album ‘Return’ and the teaser for the title track, Love Scenario, has finally been uploaded.

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iKON: RETURN pre-sale has started: Tips and bits on buying.


iKONICs get your wallets ready, your internet working and your credit cards out, it’s time to put our money where our mouth is (or, if not money, whatever else you can do!)

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The Return of iKON: January 25th, 2018


iKONICs it’s time! After an agonizing wait, being teased and angered and disappointed, here’s finally something we can be happy and certain about.

iKON’s new full album ‘Return’ is getting released on January 25th.

On the Instagram post by Yang Hyun Suk where the official comeback date was posted, he promised:

  1. More domestic activities
  2. To listen to iKONICs requests
  3. Posting the tracklist of the new album starting tomorrow

So let us pray for better promotions this time, and for iKON to get the treatment and recognition they’ve always deserved and is already way overdue.

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2018 is already off to a good start, lets make it better.

[UPDATED] Tutorial: Create a Genie account

photo cred: OfficialYGiKON

Hello iKONICs! With the supposedly imminent iKON comeback, it’s time to gear up and get ready to do some work as soon as the album comes out. Kony’s Island, in collaboration with KONSQUAD, bring you a much needed tutorial on how to create a Genie account and how to get free streaming passes, you can also see here how to redeem them.

As a fandom we don’t have a lot of experience with streaming, so we hope this will motivate new iKONICs to participate in fan promotions to help out the boys.

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It Begins with New Kids

Cr: hf949597♡‏

In reality, it began with WIN, obviously; only I was around 4 years too late.

It started in April, 2017, when my girlfriend suggested watching WIN together. I was just getting into K-pop, so it was necessary for me to know more about the industry for the sake of context. I learned about YG Ent. and eventually landed on the first aired monthly evaluation of Team B.

I remember seeing Donghyuk getting his confidence stripped out of him and thinking: How could any of them possibly endure it? How can they love something so much to the point of willingly going through this?

Near the end of the month while at the airport (it was a 13 hour flight, long story), Rhythm Ta gets stuck in my head, quite out of nowhere, since I wasn’t really into iKON yet, to the point I downloaded the song on Spotify, risking what little battery time I had left and downloading it through the slow as fuck airport Wi-Fi.

It all snowballed from there. I already respected and admired them to some degree after watching their first two survivals, so all that was left to do was look up interviews and extra content.

I got to listen to them as artists, as trainees, speaking, with complete honesty and modesty, about what they loved and wanted above anything else. I had already seen Chanwoo join Mix & Match, knowing it would be a deathmatch, in which long-time friends and brothers were pitted against each other, and he’d have to survive through that, Hongseok, and Jinhyeong, too.

Moving on, New Kids: Begin was released on May 22nd. Maybe a week before that I posted a thoughtless tweet, a plea to whoever was listening: Where is my iKON comeback?!

Days after that, a teaser was posted then deleted and everything was a mess. But soon enough, New Kids: Begin is released. We get a Weekly Idol episode for the first time, then a photobook; later we even got the School Idol Trip and a bunch of other stuff.

So I fell in love deep, hard and unforgiving in the best of ways.

Everybody has their own story and history and journey with iKON or with Team B. I wish I could’ve been there from the beginning, but the important part is that I got to meet them and love them and I don’t plan on ever letting them go, no matter what. I know I’m not alone in this.

iKON only have iKONICS, and I’ll have iKON for as long as they’ll have me.