iKON does it again: Daesang and Bonsang at Golden Disk Awards 2019

2019 kicked off in the best of ways for iKON and iKONICs.

The first day of the Golden Disk Awards were held on January 5th at 5PM, where iKON’s mega hit-song, Love Scenario, won a Bonsang and later on was announced as the winner of the Digital Song of the Year Daesang.

Watch iKON receive their Daesang below:

Watch iKON’s speech after getting the Bonsang award:

iKON also performed a beautiful medley of the four titles from each New Kids album. Check the thread with the full performance below:

The members later went on to post thankful messages on Instagram, and many members of their styling and dance teams, producers and more congratulated them too:

Donghyuk also shared a message on iKONIC ZONE:

Congratulations to iKON for all the hard work and passion they’ve always put into everything they do. These awards are only a small portion of all the good things you deserve. iKONICs love you eternally.

iKON is set to release the repackage of the New Kids series along with a brand new title track, I’M OK, on January 7th at 6PM KST.


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