iKON releases Goodbye Road and tops Korean and international charts

iKON had a successful comeback yesterday with the release of the Goodbye Road MV and New Kids: The Final mini album at 6PM KST.

(Don’t forget to stream the MV! Our goal is 6M views in 24 hours.)

As for Korea, Goodbye Road debuted comfortably in top #21 of all major charts, raising quickly and steadily every hour until the charts froze at 1AM, achieving #4 on Naver and #1 on all other charts, getting incredibly close to scoring a Realtime All Kill.

Goodbye Road is, as of 4:30AM KST, listed #8 on iChart realtime.

2018-10-01 16_59_10-인스티즈(instiz, 音思提资)

However, this doesn’t end here. Both New Kids: The Final charted #1 on iTunes in 27 countries, marking a new record for iKON.

In addition, iKONICs didn’t fail to notice the similarities in charting between Goodbye Road and the legendary Love Scenario.

Yang Hyun Suk even shared iKON’s achievements twice on his personal Instagram account .

This is only the beginning of this era and it’s already looking great, now it’s our turn to support iKON as best as we can. Check out our tutorials and find out how you can help!


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