Goodbye Road VLive Countdown

iKON announces Goodbye Diner, the countdown live for Goodbye Road

It’s D-3 to comeback day, and iKON has released the schedule for the VLive countdown for Goodbye Road on October 1st at 5AM KST, an hour before the official release of New Kids: The Final.

The Final is already up for pre-order, check out all the details here.

You can already head to the VLive video and start tapping hearts!

The Final will be iKON’s third comeback in 2018, something unheard of for YG Entertainment groups. The mini album is set to have four songs, including the official Korean release of Perfect.

As always, check these Naver articles and don’t forget to react, recommend, upvote the good comments and comment something yourself, you can use this handy guide with Korean phrases.

If you’d like to know more on how to support iKON this comeback, you can check out our tutorials here, send us a message on Twitter for the password. Don’t forget to vote for iKON on AAA too!

Let’s work hard this upcoming comeback iKONICs!



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