YG personally spoils iKON’s upcoming MV

Around 3:30AM, Yang Hyun Suk posted on his personal Instagram account a 10 seconds snippet of the recording of iKON’s new upcoming music video.

iKON is set to comeback on August 2nd with the mini album, ‘New Kids: Continue’. Though there’s only nine days left to release not much else is known about the album, but YG has promised an official video teaser to be released soon.


iKONICs have also started a campaign on Twitter, posting and sharing their own edited teasers to spread through social media, you can check out the original tweet by iKOLONY down below.

With very little time left, we encourage all iKONICs to get familiar with our tutorials if you haven’t already (send us a DM on Twitter for the password) and to check out all the different ways you can help support iKON this comeback.

As always, check out these Naver articles and react, upvote comments, recommend and comment something yourself, you can use this document to find common korean phrases to use.

YG 양현석, ‘8월2일 컴백’ 아이콘 신곡 뮤비 깜짝 스포..강렬한 비트

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