iKON announces August comeback date with new teaser

Today at 10AM KST, YG Entertainment and iKON’s various social media accounts officially released the teaser for iKON’s upcoming comeback.

iKON’s official comeback date is August 2nd, with a mini album titled ‘New Kids: Continue’, and seems to kontinue the trend of the New Kids releases. There’s no news on the number of tracks that will be in the mini album.

‘New Kids: Continue’ would be the third installment after the mini album ‘New Kids: Begin’ released on May 22nd 2017, and full album ‘New Kids: Return’ released on January 25th 2018.

With a little over two weeks left until iKON’s highly anticipated comeback, there’s a lot of work for iKONICs to do in preparation. We’d like to give a big warm welcome to all new iKONICs who have joined us in the past few months, and we hope you have a nice and fun stay in the fandom and along our boys.

As always, check out these Naver articles and react, upvote comments, recommend and comment something yourself, you can use this document to find common korean phrases to use.

We invite you to check out our tutorials if you haven’t already (send us a DM on Twitter for the password.)

You can also check out this comeback guide by iKONwarriors:

Get ready iKONICs, it’s almost Showtime!


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