iKON Officially Sets a New Record for Hourly Perfect All-Kills as they achieve their 4th Consecutive Weekly PAK!

It’s been 31 days since the official release of iKON’s second full album, ‘Return’, along with the title track, ‘Love Scenario’ and the achievements just keep rolling in.

‘Love Scenario’ debuted on the charts quietly but respectably, being top 10 in Melon and Genie, and even top 3 in Bugs. iKONICs expectations were partly reached, but mostly surpassed. Little did we know this was only the beginning.

From then we have watched with nothing short of awe as ‘Love Sceanario’ achieved it’s first Real Time All-Kill and, on February 5th at 12:00PM KST, it’s first Perfect All-Kill.

Yet the mellow sleeper hit, which appears to have been wholly embraced by the general public across all age demographics, was not content to stop there. It started coming for established chart records, first breaking the record of the idol group with the most hourly Perfect All-Kills (since they started being counted in 2015), and later achieving a milestone of 100 hourly PAKs.

On February 25th at 9PM KST, ‘Love Scenario’ got it’s hourly Perfect All-Kill number 136, officially tying in with the song with the most hourly PAKs at the time, ‘Leon’ by IU and Park Myung Soo.

An hour later at 10PM, iKON broke the all-time record of the artist with the most hourly Perfect All-Kills, with 137 hours.

Along with this, iKON has achieved it’s 4th weekly Perfect All-Kill, becoming the first artist ever to do so.

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As of February 26th, 3PM KST, ‘Love Scenario’ holds a total of 145 hourly Perfect All-kills, and it looks like there could be more.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to iKON and iKONICs all over the word, and we thank those who gave iKON and Love Scenario a chance.


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