iKON breaks 100 hourly Perfect All Kills for Love Scenario!



At 3PM KST on February 17th, history was made for iKON when they reached their 100th hourly Perfect All Kill for their title track, ‘Love Scenario’.

‘Love Scenario”s success continues to skyrocket, even from a brief lapse in chart figures over the last few days. It seems that ‘Love Scenario’ just can’t stop taking the world by storm.

In less than a month, ‘Love Scenario’ has gone from top ten rankings, to breaking records as the second boy group to receive the Perfect All Kill, and now to their 100th hourly Perfect All Kill.

iKONICs are expressing their excitement through various outlets. Here are some of our favourites:

Congratulations to iKON, iKONIC and the unstoppable ‘Love Scenario’!


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