Jinhwan is Perfectly Stunning at the 2018 GAON Chart Awards!

No one would have expected this pleasant surprise! Jinhwan shows a breath taking duet with Akdong Musician’s Suhyun, a colleague he’s worked with before during Mix&Match era. The schedule wasn’t revealed to the fans, however the hints dropped when Jinhwan posted a short video on his Instagram Story, showing he was preparing for a secret schedule.

Shortly after, information came out that Jinhwan would assist her in performing “Last Goodbye,” known better for being an emotional ballad. The two showed professionalism and good chemistry on the beautifully decorated stage. Harmonized pretty well with stolen glances every now and then, Jinhwan, as well as Suhyun, surely captured our hearts with this unexpected collaboration!

2018-02-14 (4).png

The performance ended with a sweet moment between the two, displaying friendship and comfort through a short fistbump.

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