10 Times Song Yunhyeong Made Our Hearts Warm #OurLoveSONGDay

It’s Yunhyeong Day! To celebrate, let’s have a look at all the times our mood-making visual has made iKONICS hearts so warm that we thought we might run a fever. Cue the best of Song Yunhyeong!


1. The Accidental Comedian

As iKON have said before, Yunhyeong is unmistakeably the center of the group, which means he is also the center for a lot of teasing. The boys have often said his reactions are “too good” when they make fun of him, and it seems the second eldest is no stranger to iKON’s relentless jokes. From calling him a celebrity, imitating his song parts, teasing his bald spot even his lately infamous rap persona. iKON’s reign of torture is neverending. Thanks for being such a good sport, Yunhyeong!

2. Mood Maker

Yunhyeong has often been appointed as a mood maker when it comes to iKON for his ability to be the focal point of creating an enjoyable atmosphere. As Bobby said in their recent ‘KONFIDENTIAL NIGHT’, it was Yunhyeong’s hilarious dancing that gave them the energy they needed on their last leg to finish the MV recording. He even said he does a lot to make Hanbin laugh these days. Yunhyeong also often holds V-Lives that involve the other members, including invading their rooms, and bring up the mood of not only iKONICS, but iKON themselves. With Yunhyeong around, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

3. Song Chef

When it comes to cooking, you can’t go past Song Chef, dubbed by the members and fans thanks to his extraordinary culinary skills. He’s not only mastered Korean cooking, but also favours making Italian dishes such as pasta and arancini balls. When he’s done with his cooking, he’ll more often than not call his members out to eat with him, who are more than happy to help finish the delivious meals.


4. 훈훈하다 … The Warm-hearted Hyung

On Lee Gookju’s Young Street radio, Yunhyeong expressed that the compliment he wants to hear the most is that he’s warm. And it’s definitely not a bottomless compliment! Yunhyeong does everything with passion, including loving his fans, members and family. He is someone who is easily approachable and easily loved.


5. Visuals unmatched

There’s not much that can be said aloud to describe iKON’s visual, except that no matter what, he will always shock iKONICS with his star-stellar beauty. These pictures speak for themselves!


7. Variety King

Alongside being iKON’s mood maker, Yunhyeong really knows how to handle a crowd, which makes him the best member for variety. It’s the perfect place to show off his skills, his humour, tell countless of stories about iKON and maybe even some bad grandpa jokes. When he appeared on ‘Law of the Jungle’, he trended for his skill and watchability, and is constantly praised for his attitudes on ‘Weekly Idol’, ‘Knowing Brothers; and even ‘Idol School Trip’.


8. Vocals For Days

It’s not easy to forget the sound of Yunhyeong’s voice once you hear it. He has a sweet yet powerful tone that’s only strengthened over the years since debut, expanding his range and vocal talents. He often hits high notes that make iKONIC shiver, and harmonizes so well wifh the other members that a song without Yunhyeong wouldn’t be a song worth listening to.


9. Most improved

Yunhyeong has always surprised us with his potential, but his confidence and skills have skyrocketed since debut. Yunhyeong could always be seen working hard through the ‘WIN’ and ‘Mix&Match’ days, practicing long hours and turning out amazing stages. And all of that work seems to have paid off, as Yunhyeong has improved into a professional singer, dancer and performer. Hanbin even praises him for being the most improved. Could Yunhyeong get even better than this?

10. Luscious Lips

Now, we’re not just talking about his pretty pair of lips, but also his closest relationship…. with his lip balm! We couldn’t end this listicle without talking about it. Where Yunhyeong is, there will always be a stick of Nivea lip balm nearby. It has led the boys to be endorsed by Nivea, to be given what seems like a lifetime supply of Nivea products and Yunhyeong happier than ever that his lips can stay healthy and strong. Thanks for reminding us to keep moisturised, Yunhyeong!



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