10 ‘Just Jinhwan’ Things for #SexyJinhwanDay

Happy Jinhwan Day! To celebrate iKON’s lead vocal, eldest hyung, fake maknae, Kim Jinhwan, here’s a listicle of the top ten things that make Jinhwan worth celebrating


1. His work ethic.

Jinhwan is the type of guy to put 200% into everything he does. Whether it be dance, singing, performing, jiujitsu, practicing guitar or even playing Overwatch, he’s a man with passion and pride in his work. Throughout every challenge thrown at him, even in the WIN and Mix&Match days, Jinhwan has worked hard with all of his blood, sweat (lots of sweat) and tears.

2. His tolerance.

It’s no secret that Jinhwan is the punching bag for most of iKON’s jabs. It’s true that after a few height jokes and voice imitations he does tend to reply with a “do you want to die?” or “excuse me?”. But Jinhwan seems to have mastered the art of keeping calm when it comes to his members. Stay strong, Jinhwan!


3. His selcas.

With the addition of his newly opened Instagram page, fans can have their daily dose of Jinhwan’s iconic selca angles. Here are a few of our favourites!


4. His skills.

Jinhwan seems to be good at almost everything he tries. Dancing, singing, gaming, taking photos, acapella, jiujitsu, guitar, Japanese, comedy, variety, water sports, modeling, taking care of pets, cooking, cleaning, keeping tidy, skin care… just to name a few.


5. His attitude.

If anyone was to get in a fight with Kim Jinhwan, they would definitely come out the other side badly bruised. Emotionally, that is. Because Jinhwan doesn’t take much smack from anyone, and even if he is the brunt of a lot of jokes, he doesn’t take them lying down. Talk about sass.

6. His tattoos.

As Jinhwan has asked before “if you love me, please love my tattoos as well”, and boy does he have a lot of them. His quarter life crisis has only just begun, with 10 tattoos and counting. They’re all just more marks to make Jinhwan absolutely one of a kind.



7. His habits.

From the way he rests his chin on his hand, to the way he puffs his cheeks, to the way he hangs off his members, to drinking wine like an auntie, to his sleeping positions, to stealing clothes and how he can’t help but rock out when music comes on, Jinhwan’s little idiosyncracies come together to make up his own patented DNA.

8. His multilingualism

Jinhwan has always had an innate love for language and speaking to fans on a global scale. Jinhwan has managed to master Japanese in such a short time and carries the team (with June close by) through their concerts and promotions in Japan. Similarly, Jinhwan used Chinese often while iKON competed for Heroes of the Remix, and knows basic English conversation. He also lived in the Phillippines for a short time, so he knows sparse Tagalog as well. He has also been known to try speaking Thai, Spanish and French!

9. His confidence.

What we love the most is seeing our boys believing in themselves. Jinhwan’s stage presence exudes confidence and charm, unparalleled to many others in his industry. Not only does he dance like he owns the stage, but his sense of style also mimicks it. One fan even said that when he sees Jinhwan, he feels confident to be sexy like him. Jinhwan has come a long way since the Mkx&Match days when he worried a lot, but still remains humble while keeping an air of belief in his own abilities.

10. His hyung role.

Although Jinhwan is the youngest of his family, he has always taken his role as the eldest of iKON very seriously. He is known as the hyung who takes care of everyone’s worries, is always there to look after the younger members and their health, sometimes even over his own. Hanbin has even said he has passed over his leadership duties to Jinhwan when he needs a break. When it comes to iKON, Jinhwan will always put his brothers first.



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