iKON marks history by achieving Perfect All-Kill for ‘Love Scenario’

It’s been a long, tough road.

Even before the beginning, before iKON was even complete, our boys went through hardships that have been called awful and cruel; they went through years of exhausting training and struggles. They were condemned to wait for debut, for comebacks, for schedules, for their homeland.

But today, we can truly say it was all worth it. It is a fact that hard work and perseverance always pay off.

Fate works in weird ways. Sometimes it makes no sense at all and we wonder what is the point of all of this, but looking back at iKON’s roots, looking back to 2015, even looking back at the beginning of Return era, somehow the broken pieces fit.

On Monday, February 5th at 12:00PM KST, iKON achieved a Perfect All-Kill with their title track Love Scenario. This achievement crowned them as the first idol group to get a Perfect All-Kill since the system change back in February 2017. iKON is also the second idol boy group in history after Big Bang to achieve a Perfect All-Kill.

Said Perfect All-Kill was officially confirmed by Instiz Ichart at 12:30PM KST.


Yang Hyun Suk, YG’s CEO, also congratulated iKON on his official Instagram account.


As if all of that wasn’t enough, iKON’s Love Scenario is #1 on Melon real time, daily, and weekly charts.





Don’t forget to check out this Naver article too! As always, react, comment, upvote and recommend. Here’s a document with Korean phrases you can use to comment.

“퍼펙트 올킬”..아이콘, ‘사랑을 했다’ 12일만 1위 싹쓸이

Congratulations to iKONICS all over the world for contributing to this historical moment, no matter how insignificant your addition might have seemed.

And last but never least, congratulations to iKON, for all the hard work and love they’ve poured into their art.

Thank you boys, from the bottom of all our hearts.


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2 thoughts on “iKON marks history by achieving Perfect All-Kill for ‘Love Scenario’”

  1. They honestly deserve it. I was only a bit into kpop, and pop in general, but as soon as I heard Love Scenario the day of their comeback, something clicked. They have inspired me to chase after things i want to do, and i genuinely feel my life has been bettered by them.

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