Editorial: LOVE SCENARIO, iKONICS’ most awaited title track


Written by: Ezra

The music video dropped at exactly 6PM KST – with iKONICS feeling nervousness and excitement gushing through their veins. They have been waiting for this exact moment. Holding their breaths, iKONICS waited for the YouTube notification and once it was out, the music video opened automatically.

The rhythm and melody is very catchy – without reading any translation one can instantly think of cute and adorable lyrics but do not be fooled. LOVE SCENARIO was about a beautiful love story between lovers, a love that’s been mutual, a love that grew, and a love that ended like a theater play.

In the music video, glimpse of romance scenes and breakup scenes can be seen. It was a lovely song with warm lyrics that reminds you of the love that was and still is important to you. You’ll remember someone that left flowers in your heart –  symbolizing the love but making it painful and hard to breathe.

Don’t forget to check the LOVE SCENARIO MV on YouTube and click CC for English subtitles (as they are now available) to enhance your viewing pleasure.


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