Bobby spotted filming for variety in Busan

Bobby was spotted today in Busan filming a new variety show  MBC’s All Broadcasts of the World with Dara, Noh Sa Yeon, Lee Moo Song and Dindin. The variety will air  sometime in February.

All Broadcasts of the World is a reality show in which cast members document the behind the scenes of popular shows while they are being filmed.

Bobby was seen out and about interacting with the public and looking adorably surprised at being recognized.

Don’t forget to take a minute of your time today to comment and upvote Naver article on Bobby’s variety filming.

This is the third variety confirmed for iKON for this comeback after Knowing Bros and Weekly Idol. There is also indications (now deleted YHS Instagram post) that an iKON member will appear on King of Mask Singer. Is there a particular variety you would like to see iKON on? Let us know and let  Instagram user @fromyg know too, he seems to be taking in fan wishes.

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