[UPDATED] Tutorial: Create a Genie account

photo cred: OfficialYGiKON

Hello iKONICs! With the supposedly imminent iKON comeback, it’s time to gear up and get ready to do some work as soon as the album comes out. Kony’s Island, in collaboration with KONSQUAD, bring you a much needed tutorial on how to create a Genie account and how to get free streaming passes, you can also see here how to redeem them.

As a fandom we don’t have a lot of experience with streaming, so we hope this will motivate new iKONICs to participate in fan promotions to help out the boys.


Create a Genie account

Download the APK file here.

Genie creation_1

Genie creation_2

Genie creation_3


Get free streaming passes

You can get your streaming passes now and use them once the album is released!
The 10jam app can be found in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Genie free pass_1

Genie free pass_2

Genie free pass_3


How to redeem your Genie pass using mobile

NOTE: So far, it looks like you CANNOT redeem your pass from the iOS app, you’ll have to use a computer.



How to redeem your Genie pass using PC


Get ready iKONICs! It’s almost Showtime.


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