iKON fundraising project – it is time to donate!


iKON’s comeback is approaching!  You wish you could do more for iKON! You wish they were promoted better in Korea!

Now you can do something about it!

Amazing ladies at Konvergence have started their first iKON fundraising project on fanmaum (Korean Celeb Supporting App) whose goal is to raise funds to purchase a bus wrapping with iKON image that will drive around Seoul for 15 days.



The way fanmaum works is that they use hearts as currency, by donating hearts or purchasing hearts to donate you help the project achive its goal. You can purchase hearts using paypal or a credit card (1USD=1100 hearts) and if you can’t afford to buy hearts, you can log in daily to gain free hearts from the attendance checker and than use them to support this project. If you don’t have access to PayPal or a credit card, DM @konvergenceINTL  for assistance on twitter.

There is also an award for donators/participants in the project:


As well as freebies that will be given away by KONvergence at saranghaeyo Indonesia:


They need to reach their goal in time for iKON’s comeback so don’t wait until the last minute to donate. Every single heart/donation counts!!!

Link to the project: iKONICS4IKON




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