Autumn comeback for iKON?

ikon Mv shoot
screenshot credit: sokismom

Yesterday, iKONICS got a bit of  a shock when @fromyg (Yang Hyun Suk Instagram) posted a 10 second soundless video taken at the iKON’s shoot for the new MV.

Short video is of June, in what seems to be a melancholy and subdued setting, leading the iKONICS to believe that the new song is a ballad.


After Yang Hyun Suk now infamous sentence that we shall laugh together in September and October, and considering that Bobby’s marvelous album Love and Fall came out in September, iKONICS are feeling cautiously optimistic.

However, complete lack of any kind of promotion for Bobby’s album is making many worry that once again no real effort will be made to promote iKON’s upcoming comeback.

We are not laughing just yet Mr. Yang Hyun Suk.


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