Yunhyeong’s Kind Act at the Airport Does Not Go Unnoticed

Earlier today, Yunhyeong, together with the cast of Law of the Jungle, headed to the airport to catch a flight to Fiji where they’ll be filming for the variety show for the next couple of days. Photos from the members showcased them sitting at a cafe while waiting for their flight.


When the members were all heading to their gate to catch their flight, Yunhyeong took the time to clean the table by himself as well as pick up any stray trash under the table. This kind act did not go unnoticed by the fans who came to the airport to wish the members a farewell and a safe trip.


(cr. Shine Your Heart)

Yunhyeong, amongst iKON, is known for having such a kind soul and always being aware of his surroundings. This further proves that. Thank you Yunhyeong for being a good citizen!

Be sure to tune in during Law of the Jungle and see how Yunhyeong does in his first ever solo variety!



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