iKON impresses on MOVE TO MUSIC

photo credit: @june_lovee

On 19th of August 2017, iKON performed on MOVE TO MUSIC concert  showing once again that they can turn any venue into an iKONCERT.

photo credit: gooddrcho

Besides iKON, MOVE TO MUSIC line up included B.I.G, WINNER and TOPP DOGG. iKONICs showed up in force and bathed the venue in their KONBAT flame.

photo credit: @jinhwansatan

iKON opened with Sinosijak that was followed by a hilarious Ment, than came Rhythm Ta and My Type followed by a  longer Q&A session which included the boys cleaning the stage floor (do not question it, it is iKON). Their part of the concert was concluded with high energy performances of Bling Bling and B Day.

As always iKON was relaxed and at home on the stage performing live. Their stage experience is more than evident in their charismatic performances. Any iKON performance is a a true treat for fans and non-fans alike. They always make us proud.

Now enjoy the performance thanks to kind iKONIC (@ikon_bp) sharing it.


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