Friendship born out of rivalry: Olltii and Bobby




During a recent IG live Olltii mentioned Bobby by saying they talk on kakotalk and drink together sometimes. Fans especially noted how Olltii called Bobby Jiwon.



Also, a month ago Olltii took a picture with Bobby’s cardboard cutout  leading to a cute kkt conversation between him and Bobby.


Photo credit:  @iKONTIMES_MY ( cr. olltii via 金知元吧)

Although Olltii was presented as Bobby’s nemesis during the SMTM 3 and there was some direct dissing going on, most notable one being Olltii calling Bobby and B.I “pretty Barbie dolls”, that did not stop the two of them from forming a friendship. Even iKONICS regard Olltii fondly as it is clear that there is no hard feelings on either side. Hope you get a chance to go for that drink boys!


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