Bobby spotted filming for variety in Busan

Bobby was spotted today in Busan filming a new variety show  MBC’s All Broadcasts of the World with Dara, Noh Sa Yeon, Lee Moo Song and Dindin. The variety will air  sometime in February.

All Broadcasts of the World is a reality show in which cast members document the behind the scenes of popular shows while they are being filmed.

Bobby was seen out and about interacting with the public and looking adorably surprised at being recognized.

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This is the third variety confirmed for iKON for this comeback after Knowing Bros and Weekly Idol. There is also indications (now deleted YHS Instagram post) that an iKON member will appear on King of Mask Singer. Is there a particular variety you would like to see iKON on? Let us know and let  Instagram user @fromyg know too, he seems to be taking in fan wishes.


iKON: RETURN Jinhwan and Junhwe teasers are out

We got a lot of new things in a very short span of time. Let’s get right into it.


The first thing I noticed, apart from Jinhwan’s gorgeous face, was his voice. It’s an amazing voice, we know this, but there was something new about it. It sounded fuller, even smoother than usual and the falsetto was flawless. Hanbin truly wasn’t kidding when he said they all improved, and Junhwe was not the exception, keep scrolling to see Junhwe’s teasers!

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Junhwe was stunning and truly refreshing. As a power vocal, he takes care of the impact, the shock along with his characteristic roughness, but this time his voice was mixed with something else. It had the deep tones he’s so known in iKON for, but instead of roughness he sounded silky smooth and relaxed. So far we’ve only seen two member teasers, but I’m pretty sure the change in his singing in this album will be the particularly interesting.


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Stream and download tutorial: Genie and Melon

It’s time to get to work. We bring you, along with @kon_squad, the tutorial for proper streaming and how to download on Genie and Melon.

Please make sure to check out this entire thread for extra information about MELON STREAMING. There you can find: 1) How To Turn Off Cache 2) How To Check Remaining Streams for Coupon/Limited Streaming 3) How To Check Remaining Song Downloads and expiry for Unlimited Streaming

Let’s get into it.


  1. Stream on Genie and create a playlist
  2. How to check how many Genie streams you have left
  3. How to clear Genie history


  1. Stream on Melon
  2. How to create a playlist on Melon
  3. How to download songs on Melon

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iKON is stunning in a BTS video of a star 1 photo shoot


Star 1 magazine has released their behind the scenes video of the iKON’s photo shoot for their February issue.

You can watch the full video on Naver

The behind the scenes video of the photo shoot gives us a mature, sophisticated and very much grown up iKON that dazzles with stunning visuals.


bobby star 1








This is a new, more grown up era for iKON. Do not miss their comeback on January 25 at 6PM KST.


iKON RETURN: Love Scenario teaser is out


It’s D-3 until the release of iKON’s new full album ‘Return’ and the teaser for the title track, Love Scenario, has finally been uploaded.

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iKON “Return” Tops Pre-Order Charts!

The results are coming in for just how much iKONICs miss iKON and the answer is apparently A LOT!

iKON’s 2nd Full Album, “Return” which will be released on January 25th at 6:00pm KST has managed to rise to the top of pre-order charts both in Korea and Internationally.

The album has a Black version and a Red version and in some cases would enter the charts top 2 or top 3.

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iKON confirmed to perform at K-Pop World Festa – Idol Passion Concert

iKON has been invited to perform at the K-Pop World Festa – Idol Passion Concert in Changwon on the 10th of February. This will be one of the first concert performances fans will see from iKON after their comeback on the 25th of January this month.

The festival is pioneered by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which brings together cover groups from all over the world to perform and celebrate Korean culture through K-Pop.




The boys will be performing alongside BTOB, EXID and JBJ.

For ticket information, visit this website. For their homepage, visit here.